Knitting Through a Rib Attack



There’s an entity in lupus that my friend Ginny calls a rib attack.  That’s when the inflammation seems to pick a spot in your ribcage, front or back, and cause intense pain that defies position change and moderate pain meds.  I have that right now.  I’ve taken what I can take and talked to God out loud all day.  Knitting is part of the distraction.  I’m working on Christine’s blanket.  I finished the first strip a few months ago.  Today I finished the pale pink block and started the light blue.  The knitting is good.  One stitch at a time, just concentrating on the one stitch.  Dayna took photos for me today.  Later I’ll show closeups. 




One Response

  1. Hi, I can understand the rib pain as I’ve lived with lupus for too long. Would ya like to exchange links.

    Have a great day…

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