…and Then the Bed Fell

Some days I feel heavier than others.  I’m not talking about the number I see on the scales, but the impression my heft makes on the world around me.  Today I made a big impression.  My bed fell.  It went like this:  my daughter asked for some help shaping her eyebrows.  I sat down on my bed and she put her head on a pillow where I could easily reach her.  I scooted a little higher on the bed, and more to the edge, putting too much weight over the joint where the side rail hooks into the headboard.  BAM!!  We went down.  My girl and I looked at each other, stayed still for a moment, not knowing if we could make it worse by jumping up, and then we busted out laughing.  Fortunately, my son was also home.  He ran in to see what was the matter, finding us unhurt but unable to stop laughing.  After a while we composed ourselves and carried the poor bed parts to the garage.  My mattress and box spring are temporarily on the carpet.  Actually, not a bad height to operate from.  I don’t have to lift my laptop as far.


Sometimes I get angry about the prednisone and the weight, but mostly I bide my time, waiting for the low prednisone months with no flare to increase my exercise and do my best to shed some pounds.  Regardless, I look in the mirror every morning and smile at myself and think “Hey, you gorgeous woman!”


I promised photos.  I chose this wonderful Malabrigo that’s been on my shelf for ages to go with the dusky pink hat, knitting the mitts with a bit of a ruffle at the wrist.  I’ll find buttons that go with the large handmade buttons on the hat. 

endnovknits-020  The next hat and scarf had to match the rust brown cashmere mitts:  endnovknits-019  The mitts have eyelets across the middle, so I put eyelets around the top of the hat.  The band is seed stitch with an overlap that will have one large button.  I will publish this as a free pattern, probably tomorrow, as I’ve had a request from a knitting accomplice. 

This is the third set.  I had a mandate for the color, but nothing else.  I chose a basketweave pattern all over the hat and scarf, but in tiny boxes on just the edges of the mitts.  endnovknits-016endnovknits-018


I’m waiting for yarn to come in for two projects.  In the meanwhile, black Karabella Supercashmere fine (two strands at once) for my cousin’s mittens.  Yum.  Every minute with this yarn is good.  I’m twisting a cable up the side of the mittens.  Can’t resist.  Cables are so satisfying. 




Thinking and Speaking and Economitis

Have I really not blogged in a week?  What was I thinking?! 

That’s an easy question.  I was thinking about my back.  It has hurt so bad and so persistently that for several days I gave up on walking further than 10 yards or standing longer than a few minutes.  It hurt so bad that I remembered I had lidocaine patches to anesthetize the area, but also found that they were not very helpful with the more intense pain.  The pain was so bad that I bought another cane while I was out of town, because I left mine at home.  Finally, the pain plagued me so much that I didn’t want to answer when people asked how I felt, for fear I would really tell them.  And finally, I woke up today, and the pain wasn’t there. 


But that’s not all.  I was thinking about my daughter, and enjoying visiting her in the apartment she rents with a good friend from school.  We had a ton of laughs, I played school chauffeur like when she was a little girl, we didn’t shop (surprise!), and we had vegetarian burritos from Barberitos.  It was a wonderful visit.


But wait, there’s more.  I began serious thinking about my next housing move.  I scanned real estate websites, talked to my realtor, and made a loose inventory of what I must do before my house can be shown.  I’ve had in mind for a couple of years that this move was coming.  I knew it was time to downsize, and I definitely want to be closer to the hub of the city.  (No, that does not mean moving into the neighborhood of the new Volkswagen plant.)  I don’t want a floor that I can’t get to every day.  I don’t want any extra bedrooms.  I want a house I can clean all by myself.  And I want to save money.  A major drawing-in of tentacles, that’s what I want. 


And ladies and gentlemen, here’s the ginsu knives of the thinking thing:  I’ve been thinking about the economy so much that I have economitis.  Not having won the lottery recently, it concerns me that Wall Street and the whole banking/investing/insurance industry mess is so huge.  I’ve been watching television every day, waiting for the third shoe to drop.  Or is it the fifth or eleventh shoe?  David Letterman is on right now, talking about making a deal with a guy in the audience who has $13.20.  I’m beginning to feel like that.  Drop a nickel in the slot, please.  This is a for-profit blog.  Seriously, I’m gonna have to get out my “Will Knit for Food” sign.


Speaking of knitting (yeah, I was just waiting for that) I photographed some caps today and got back on schedule with posting new stuff in the store.  I seem to be stuck on cables.  No, I don’t need help.  I mean I’m obsessed with them.  They are pretty and curvey and they make extra texture and the cable part sticks out.  I’m in love with them.  Everything I’m making lately wants to have cables.  I hope there’s an antidote for whenever I get tired of this obsession, but for now it’s working for me.  If I hadn’t cut my hair off in the spring, I think I would be imitating cables in my braided hairdos. 


Speaking of hairdos, I went through the famous coffee drive-through today.  The guy on the microphone was a free-range talker, willing to keep up aimless but friendly chatter with the customers.  When I saw him I had to admire his tousled hairdo.  I tried to imitate it by pulling up on my front hair and bunching it up.  My cousin was in the car with me and she said it didn’t really look like his.  Oh well. 


No more “speaking of”.  I must have a good David Letterman, go to sleep, and prepare for my Saturday knitting adventures.  Oh heck, one more thing.  I put my Obama ’08 sticker on my back bumper today.  I am so ready.



Bamboo and Cables

I am listening to Senator Obama discuss serving your country, and the need to provide a greater range of service opportunities for our young people.  He notes that military opportunities are offered inconsistently, with more of the population of small towns making up our troops.  His suggestions of inviting ROTC back onto campuses that have dismissed the program, of decreasing the cost of college education in return for service, and of increasing the foreign service positions for non-military duties in order to take the burden off our military-these all make sense to me.  He talks about our building support for one another, stopping the self-interest and divisiveness. 


He’s the epitomy of what I have longed for in a President for this nation.  My heart is crying out for this man to be heard and judged fairly, for people to see their own bigotry and prevent it from affecting their votes.  After the past eight years, America deserves this man.  We’ve earned the right to have an intelligent, truthful, enthusiastic, inclusive administration. 


Some days I cannot turn on my television and see the crazy roads that campaigns tread.  I find myself putting up the same walls that one would use to keep from getting too attached to a potential mate.  I am so afraid of disappointment with the outcome of this election that I don’t want to envision the wonderful possibilities that would come from Obama being elected. 


Sometimes I grow to dislike a yarn as I use it.  It’s a bad scene, struggling through the last ten thousand stitches of a half-done garment with the yarn fighting against you.  Right now I’m having the delightful opposite experience.  I’m using elann.com’s surprisingly inexpensive superwash wool/bamboo mix.  I’m in love with this yarn.  It turns out neat stitches, doesn’t fight my needles, has nice elasticity, and it seems to make my hands softer as I use it.  The green that I chose for this baby blanket is soft, heathered, easy on the eyes.  I first used the yarn to knit a sample for elann.com (you can see it here:  elann.com – elann.com Superwash Bamboo).  I enjoyed it so much that I ordered some for myself in several colours.  Can’t believe I waited this long to begin knitting with it. 


Last week at knitting group, I had a short circular needle that I tucked into my baby blanket and removed to use as a cable needle.  One of my knitting buddies saw what I was doing and showed me that I could knit the cable stitches without transferring them to a separate needle.  I couldn’t think it through and make it happen smoothly with all the conversation and activity, but yesterday I tried again.  Once I thought about what I do when I cross cable stitches, it was easy to reproduce what my knitting friend taught me.  It sure speeds up the progress of this baby blanket, with it’s little cables on either side.  Many thanks! 


I’m excited when I learn something new.  Sometimes Daddy would ask me what I learned in school that day.  I would feel bad if I couldn’t come up with something specific that had been added to my knowledge or skill.  My view of school was pretty narrow.  If I wasn’t getting better in some way, my time there was wasted.  Sometimes in high school, I was allowed to be on independent study for a course.  Those times were special because I could actually control my learning pace and assure that my time and work were productive.  If I was doing independent study and wanted a break, I could read a book.  That was much better than being in class, where I could only sit and doodle and twiddle my thumbs when I wasn’t engaged.  I know, a nerdy confession. 


Seven more weeks.  Ready, set, vote.