…and Poof, the B Cells Disappeared

In front of me I have two chemocaps.  Panda Cotton cap: 

Panda Cotton is 59% bamboo, 25% cotton, 16% elastic nylon.  Knit on size 2 circulars with two sets of ribs at the bottom and a spiral crown.  It is so soft and fluid, beautiful stitch definition.  My in-laws’ friend should be comfortable even if his scalp becomes sensitive. 

Crystal Palace Poof cap:     Knit on size 8 circulars, all garter stitch.  Gorgeous eyes belong to the daughter.  She makes everything look charming.  Poof is nylon microfiber, washable and soft to the scalp. 

I finished the Panda Cotton hat tonight.  Absolutely love it.  I might have to make one for myself.  All my knitting work today went into this hat.  I’m ready to pick up something else now. 


I was hoping to get some photos of tomatoes tonight.    I took the camera out in the dark. This is a cluster of six on the Black Plum plant.  They are approximately two inches long now, but still no hint of red on this bunch.  The ripe ones stay dark green on one end, and the inside is very dark green, almost black.  Very pretty. 


  This photo shows the largest of the tomatoes right now.  It is about three inches in diameter, and continues to grow, despite quite a few dead leaves surrounding it.  This plant is one of two that seem to be dying, but the tomatoes keep on coming.  As photos, these are the pits, but they do illustrate my undying affection for my readership, that I would risk my limbs to voracious mosquitos in order to document the fruit that I’ve been discussing. 


I know that you aren’t hanging on for my photography anyway.  It’s my utter ruthlessness in taking the machine gun to those B cells and calling a funky immune system a funky, malfunctioning immune system!  I’m such a peaceable person otherwise.  When my daughter was little, she would tell me “Mama, you have to tell me that you’ll kill me if I do that again.”  She wanted me to threaten her like her friends’ parents threatened them.  I couldn’t do it with a straight face.  When you hear me say “I’d like to slap him into next week” I am expressing a totally cerebral feeling.  I’ve only had one physical fight in my life.  It was in sixth grade.  I was surprised, attacked in the girls’ bathroom, and I didn’t have a clue how to fight back.  Ouch.


Thanks for the good health wishes.  I am even dreaming about being healthy.  Last night I was at work, knowing that sooner or later I’d be sick again, but determined that I’d do clinical work.  It was fun until an elderly lady pooped on the exam room floor.  Sigh.  Must have been a warning to stay home.  Not that I ever had that experience in my office. 


I have enough to do at home, for goodness sake.  I hope no one is reading through posts, counting the projects that were mentioned and then never showed up again.  For instance, at family reunion I’m going to encounter the niece for whom I started a cotton blanket in January.  The blanket is only half completed.  I’m going to take some of the Cozy Cotton with me and knit like crazy, so she will see that I truly have good intentions.  Dayna has been using her blanket at home, and it makes me feel wonderful to see it loved and used.  I want the niece to have hers before the next school term starts. 


I am rambling.  And yawning.  And, so sorry, one eye is on Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote. 



Okay, Maybe a Little Fluff

I just talked to my doctor’s office.  I’m scheduled for my first new treatment the day after Christmas.  Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh.  Those are for the anticipation, the trepidation, the unknown…I know it is less than three weeks away and I am impatient. 

Meanwhile, my current flare of lupus symptoms seems to be waning.  Even better, my prednisone dose has been decreased and I know from experience that some of the side effects (swelling, insomnia) will decrease very soon and some will take up to six weeks to go away (the round “moon” face, increased appetite, increased infections).  Just riding that ole lupus rollercoaster!

Yesterday one of my nieces turned 18.  She is a fabulous girl, smart and athletic, a freshman at Cornell, and I’m glad that she and I have forged a bond and stay in communication.  She’s one of my frequent IM partners.  Anyway, I have to say “Happy Birthday, Girl!!!!!” and remind her that I love her dearly. 

I can’t mention that this lupus flare is better without thanking my daughter one more time.  She has been incredible this fall, organizing the household, driving me around, accompanying me to the Chattanooga Market (http://chattanoogamarket.com/) where we sold stuff, making gorgeous handdrawn tags for my products, running errands when my legs don’t want to walk, and just being the wise, funny, quirky presence that she always has been.  I was diagnosed with lupus when she was 4.  She grew up with my uncertain health, learning that every so-called appointment was a “maybe”, leaning on our extended friend-family to fill in when her mom couldn’t, and finding entertainment and fulfillment in things that didn’t rely on physical prowess.  Love you, girl!

The blanket for my girl is coming along beautifully.  These are very soothing colours to knit, and I’m making very simple patterns. Dayna's blanket first viewDayna’s blanket first viewI threw it down on the deck and snapped a few photos to show you.  I’m making each block from a skein of the Cozy Cotton.  Above is the first two completed blocks and part of the third. Dayna’s blanket first view, closerIn this photo I’ve focused on the seam between the first two blocks.  When my yarn from the first skein was close to running out, I just switched yarns and started the second block.  Against popular teaching, I made the switch on the wrong side of the fabric so that the stitched edge would show up on the right side.  Sometimes I like the look of that contrasting stitching.  You can see the partial rib alternative pattern that I showed you 12/04 in the deep persimmon block, and the block pattern (8 stitches x 10 rows) on the light rose quartz block.  The third block, which is oatmeal coloured, alternates between several rows of seed stitch and several rows of 2×2 block.  It is gorgeous, but my photo didn’t have enough detail tocapture it.  I’ll show it next time.

Today’s goals are to finish the oatmeal block and add a fourth block to this strip of the blanket, post a few more completed scarves to my store (http://www.essiewb.etsy.com/), and run a few errands.  Oh yeah, and pay some bills.