Chattanooga World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) – Final!

Okay, girls and boys, decisions have been made.  We’re having a travelling KIP!  On Saturday, June 14, we start at Niedlov’s Breadworks on Main Street at 10:30 a.m.  At 12:30 p.m. we’ll move the party to Greenlife Grocery on Manufacturer’s Road in Northshore Chatt.  Bring your knitting.  It’s not a “Knit in Public” unless you knit.  Bring a small ball of scrap yarn.  We’ll each get a chance to knit our yarn into a community piece.  It’ll be a scarf if there are only a few of us, an afghan if the masses show up.  We can decide whether to donate it or auction it.  Official buttons will be available at the KIP.  You are welcome for any time that you can make it, from 10:30 a.m. until the last row is knitted.


Make a comment here if you have questions or suggestions.  These are rain or shine, come hell or high water plans.  It is written.



Chattanooga WWKIP Day – Time to Weigh In

Okay folks, we need some decisions here, and I don’t want to make them by myself.  I got an email from the official approver-person at Greenlife Grocery saying we are welcome in their foodcourt for our get-together.  She says

“As long as you ladies (and possibly gentleman) don’t get too crazy and start trouble I think it will be fine. The last time I attended a knitters circle it got out of control fast.  O.k. enough jokes here. Your group is more than welcome to be at Greenlife. Thank you for asking and for letting us know.”

You all know the pros and cons of Niedlov’s v. Greenlife, so let me hear from you in the next two days and on Monday – the grand announcement!  Feel free to leave comments campaigning for your choice.  Wow, Obama’s sure got me in the democratic spirit! 

The buttons are on their way. They’ll arrive in plenty of time for the Knit in Public.  By the way, if you want to join us and crochet or sew in public, that’s cool too!  Remember, the big day is Saturday, June 14.




Too Discombobulated for a Title

I am totally discombobulated.  I am off schedule, my family has sprouted new branches that I was not aware of, and I’m injecting unplanned knitting into my day.  The best I can say is that I’ve gotten lots of laundry washed and folded. 


Okay, examples.  You know I have that bartered arrangement for home cleaning:  4 hours per week for 5 years in exchange for the car.  Yesterday I tried to dismiss my housekeeper, thinking her time was up.  She patiently explained to me that this is 2008, and she started in 2004, so by her calculations that leaves her one more year.  I said “Oh.”  Later I pondered the remarkable-ness of someone being that honest. 


Another example:  Just now on the news, I saw that Hillary Clinton is dropping out of the presidential race.  She has actually said it.  Wow.  That is going to be disorienting, because she made it her business to push this thing much longer and waaaaaaay further than she had to, and frankly, I got used to her being around.  Of course, it didn’t take CSI to read the handwriting on the wall six weeks ago.  Regardless, I must admit, I’m gonna miss the excitement of seeing what color pantsuit she’s chosen today, and the spectacle of Bill displaying his particular brand of I’ll-do-anything-to-get-what-I-want politics. 


Two days ago I went to sit with my parents for a bit.  Daddy’s older (yes!) sister was there.  She’s a sharp, active retired teacher who is independent in every way, but she usually has a companion for travel now.  Her driver this trip is a 5th cousin (we counted) that I don’t remember ever meeting before.  They came from 9 hours “up north”, and we were the last leg of the trip before they turned back home.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my cousin, and we plan to continue to talk via email. 


I’ve continued to make little cotton baby hats.  Fall newborns need hats too, and they don’t have to be super-warm.  I made one to match the gold and blue blanket, and a pink one from the Purelife Organic Cotton (“naturally dyed”), my ideal baby yarn.  Hmm.  Permit me a small digression.

An open letter to the Rowan company:

Dear Yarn People,

I am overjoyed to find that you have produced Purelife Organic Cotton.  It is a beautiful solution to the problem of infants being contaminated by the chemicals in their clothing.  I have purchased several skeins of this yarn and anticipate using it often.  However, People, it does not please me to cast on, begin knitting, and find the yarn broken and knotted together only two yards from the center end.  I was forced to remove the short piece and start my garment all over again.  That is not nice.  This said, I must tell you that I like your colour choices and packaging very much. 

My very best to all the little Rowans,



Thank God, I got that off my chest.  If you’d like to read about Purelife (it doesn’t appear in Yarndex yet) try here: .  After telling you all about Purelife, it refers you to a download for a free pattern for Eco-Eric, a cute knitted doll.   


I have yet to catch up with the appointment I cancelled last Friday to be here for the houseguests who were delayed ’til midnight.  Do you think that my completion of our first-ever FAFSA will balance that out when St. Peter is evaluating me for sloth and procrastination?  If you haven’t put a kid through college in recent history, the FAFSA is the federal, apparently universally required, many-paged form that the student and parent submit in order to apply for financial aid.  It has lots of blanks, but the guided on-line worksheet and application was actually a very straightforward process.  They told me where to find every piece of information except my birthdate.  I did not break a sweat.  You might wonder why it’s my first-ever, when this is gonna be my girl’s third (really second-and-a-halfth) year in college.  Because it just occurred to me.  That’s why.


Hmm.  David Letterman is only ten years older than me.  Did you know that?  He’s replaced Jay Leno in my late-night lineup.  Jay became too much of a fake playboy.  I was innuendo’ed to death.


You see what I mean?  I cannot stay on topic tonight.  I am just emptying the rubbish bin.  I’m picking up my needles and Purelife to accompany Letterman.  Have a happy. 


WHOA, Major Announcement:  Deb is right.  Coolidge may not be the place for Knitting in Public.  With Riverbend in progress, it’s going to be a zoo.  Not to mention that we’re in the 90s.  How about the food court of the largest mall in Tennessee?  Anybody for fast food breakfast and knitting?