Tuesday, February 19th – Time for Loose Ends

The last “Loose Ends” was mid-January, so it’s time to respond to comments again. 

First, thanks a million for reading and commenting!  So far I’ve been unable to predict who will comment on what, or what items will draw the most responses.  Keeps it fun!

I’m glad to see that the knitting is getting attention, Sunflower.  I’m not a super-knitter or the greatest teacher, so I didn’t know if what I am doing would be of interest to anyone.  Socks do knit quickly, and that’s part of the fun of making them.  However, remember that my knitting goes back 45 years, and even though I’ve taken some long breaks from it, your fingers do have a memory of the movements.  I have done other things that help my manual dexterity, such as playing the piano and typing, and I think that helps, too.  If you are just starting, like foxhollowjewelry, concentrate on working each stitch, and don’t focus on finishing the project.  The real enjoyment in knitting is the relaxation and almost meditative quality of that focus, one stitch at a time. 

Thanks for the sock compliments, Becky.  I am enjoying them, too.  I’m more than halfway through the first sock in the super-easy design.  Hope I’ll be showing them next week, Myra.  They are going well.  Margaret, I actually prefer socks that aren’t exactly the same.  One of the women I knit with says that teenage girls are knitting socks in groups of threes, so that you have three different “pairs” to coordinate and wear.  That’s a really cool idea!   I’d never hesitate to wear those hand-knit socks, and generally they draw curiosity and jealousy not disdain.  But who cares what other people think? 

My storm experience was nothing compared to the people in northern Alabama and west Tennessee who really got it!  I’ve marvelled that there weren’t more deaths.  The destruction was horrible.  In my own little storm shelter, I’d be reluctant to take any snacks, Tim, as I’d have to spend the whole time defending them from the animal.  She believes in sharing and she is overweight.  Not to call the kettle black; I’m quite overweight, too. 

Jimmigirl, I gave your suggestions for earning money to the animal, and she absolutely refused to consider weeding the rice paddy.  She says she doesn’t work.  She’s an object of beauty, to be appreciated.  This earning thing is even more important now that the Chattanooga Market has closed.  It was a weekly, Sunday afternoon outdoor market that met from April to December.  There was live music, food, and lots of vendors who sold locally produced food and handmade items.  I loved going there.  Now I’ll be looking harder for sales venues. 

About migraines and pain:  I really prefer the prevention method.  There are numerous drugs available and if your migraines are frequent, I highly recommend them.  I’ve been fortunate the past few years-no hormones has meant way fewer migraines.  With the occasional ones I have now, I just try and keep them from getting to the “shoot me before I bang my head on the wall” stage.  I don’t know what it is that allows some of us to function better through pain, but I’m very fortunate to have it.  I’m sure that some of it is attitude.  When you are convinced that the pain is just a signal to tell you that something is wrong, you don’t work so hard to silence the signal; you focus on fixing what’s wrong or waiting for it to fix itself.  I also know that being willing to distract yourself helps a lot.  I don’t mean the distraction of “hit me in the knee with a hammer so I don’t feel my head so much”, but losing oneself in something more engrossing, like knitting or working a puzzle or talking with a friend.  The one thing that can hinder this process for me is nausea.  It totally renders me motionless and pitiful. 

Something else that renders me pitiful is thinking about the first Trip Music episode.  That young man deserves more page space.  I will get around to that. 

I am enjoying my birthday immensely.  Yesterday I finally got over my travel setback.  I’ve come to expect that a few-hour car trip will result in extreme fatigue and fluid retention, so that I have to rest the first few days of my visit.  Anyway, I went to the local grocery store and picked up a few treats.  I got hair dye, great-smelling bath wash, scissors, and some plain, fresh food.  I enjoyed my simple dinner last night (Greek salad, turkey slices on fresh rolls, my favorite fizzy water).  This morning I woke with energy despite staying up while Dayna finished a paper.  I dyed the hair (not a salon job, but satisfactory) and enjoyed a long shower.  I apologize to poor, dry Georgia, but it is going to rain this weekend.  Dinner out with my girl this evening!  HBTM!



A Few Loose Ends

Hiya!  A little digression today.  I think I should stop every now and then to acknowledge CommentsPeople have been returning again and again to read, and they make this a dialogue that is fun for me when they remark on my posts.  I love knowing more about the people who are sharing this space with me every day. 

jimmigirl and Margaret:  As soon as I mentioned MRI of the brain to my sister, she said she was happy they had found something to scan.  Sisters!
glassydeb and Sunflower and Cameron:  Thanks for always being positive and noticing every detail.  You guys are really paying attention.

Cameron:  You are the best for offering to share your Wii!  Gotta watch out, it can be hard on the joints, but it’s my best bet for getting back to tennis this year.

jimmigirl:  Do you make up those stories?  Just kidding, I know you lead an adventurous life.

Sunflower:  Your insights on your own illness have been very helpful to me.  Thanks! 

Midwife with a Knife:  Thanks for the encouragement and the teaching from your own blog.  I’m sorry the theme page we both liked didn’t work out–I loved the colors but the teeny print was killing me.

Myra W. Jackson:  You are my best reading sister!  Thanks for the support.  I’ll show you the picture and doll you commented on when you visit.

Becky:  Thanks for giving us some first-hand info on the precious goats.  I am so grateful for their fiber gift to us.

Dayna (my heart):  Thanks for your middle-of-the-night visits.  The crooked tree is still up because I love the twinkly lights, and the chubby cheerleader reminds me of your confidence in taking that role.  You have always been supportive of your friends and schoolmates! 

Love you all!  Matter of fact, I love you so much I’m inviting you to dinner today.  We’re having collard greens and turnips and rutabagas.  I cooked the latter two together, just boiled them whole until they were tender and then mashed them with a little Smart Balance spread (no trans-fats, good Omega 3:6 ratio, tastes like “butta”).  The collards were the ones in the bag, already washed and shredded.  I like to put a tablespoon of olive oil and some Mrs. Dash in them and simmer them until they are very tender (no longer bright green and crunchy).  Would you like some raspberry iced tea with that?