Every now and then I find myself in a group of folks who lament the income and respect disparity between celebrities and more essential pros like teachers.  We talk about how nurses are underpaid relative to football players, and the value of a good social worker versus a good television evangelist. 

During these conversations I inevitably hit that wall that comes from knowing all the celebrities, and not knowing who to credit on the side of the little guys.  The rockstar faces are all over the papers and television screen and jump out from my internet news.  Even if I’m not a fan, their latest productions, their lifestyles, their children are all thrust into my consciousness.  I may remember that Joseph Anglin was the most fantastic middle school teacher of my experience, but there is no one famous teacher on our screens that we can all applaud and discuss. 

Now Intel is airing a commercial that totally rocks.  They show a man of Indian heritage walking through his workplace, followed by adoring stares and swooning colleagues.  He is identified as Ajay Bhatt, co-inventor of the USB.  The commercial absolutely thrills me!  It portrays a smart guy (read “geek”) as attractive, sexy, and valuable in the community.  Aside from the fact that this guy is my ideal man is the supercool vibe of the whole segment that keeps me watching it over and over.  Here, see for yourself: .

A few days ago Discontinued Brand-name Yarns ( began to advertise hand-dyed hanks of worsted weight cotton.  I checked them out and found gorgeous colors.  I’ve been looking for affordable yarns for baby blankets, and ordered a pile of these.  They came today and they do not disappoint, at least not in quality of colourwork or softness of the boucle yarn.  I have already balled one hank and knitted several rows of a baby blanket panel.  The one annoyance I have is the amount of debris in the yarn.  I have picked out tiny pieces at least two or three times each row.  Hopefully, this attention now, coupled with a vigorous washing, will make this a wonderful finished product.  While you are waiting for photos, check out this selection:

It’s just after midnight.   It’s not too late to make cake mix cookies.  I feel a sweet coming on.