This Blog Has Moved

I hate to say ‘good-bye’ to this site, but I must move my blog to a location where I can accept ads and make a few pennies.  Aside from that monetizing piece, this hosting site has been everything I wanted.  I’ve stayed for 350 posts with no regrets.  Now you will find me writing at




Taking Down the Family

I woke this morning at 4:30 and peeped out the window, looking for my snow.  All yesterday I trekked back and forth to the door, hoping to see white flakes on my lawn.  No such luck.  Meanwhile, my daughter at college southeast of here was getting six inches, and all over the south people were reveling in the rare commodity!  I actually got jealous and whiny about it.  That snow was supposed to be mine!  We haven’t had a good one in years, it was predicted, I was prepared, and it didn’t come.  Instead, the wind whistled around my house and shook the windows all day, and the temperature dropped, and I sulked. 


I was very productive while I sulked, however.  I took the smaller framed photos and art work off the walls and wrapped and packed it in boxes.  My heart sinks to see the blank spaces that are left, especially where I used to see the faces of my family and friends.  When I move into a new space, the first thing I do is hang my art.  In this house, I chose to put family photos on the walls of a hallway, and every trip through that passageway was full of good memories.  I wanted to cry as I took down the precious photos:  Dayna in her fancy dress and grungy sneakers, big smile on her face for that school picture; my best friend before the brain tumor, nurturing hands holding her baby girl; me during medical school, smiling with all the family at my baby sister’s wedding; Dayna as a thoughtful, serious baby; Dayna holding my dad’s hand and looking up at her “Poppy”; numerous reunion photos, all those Woods relatives lined up in sanctuaries or on church steps…I took photos out of the hall, off of tabletops and counters, off the walls of my bedroom.  This purging makes me feel an urgency to selling the house.  Who could live in a house without family? 


I’m going to have lunch with a friend who is family.  We used to be across-the-street neighbors.  She was younger than me and I probably wouldn’t have ventured across the street if not for her new baby.  That sweet boy, with his curly blonde hair, seduced me from across the street, making eyes at me and then hiding his face.  By the time he entered preschool, we were one family, sharing holidays and chores, calling on each other for help.  In school they asked my boy how many people in his family, and he named six:  him, his sister, mom and dad, and Dayna and Dr. Essie.  I can’t wait to move closer to them. 


I didn’t just pack this weekend.  I knitted.  Gasp!  Imagine!  The plus-size (50-inch hips) women’s top is coming along beautifully.  I love the way the three colors are blending, using two at a time, kind of randomly inserting one to four rows in turn. 


It’s so gorgeous and springy!  The lightest shade is a very pale green, not white.  It’s a simple stockinette so far with a garter stitch hem.  There will be some shaping under the bust.  I have some spring/summer scarves in progress, too.


I haven’t heard from the Chattanooga Market yet.  My fingers are crossed.  I do want to be there as much as possible this year. 


I’ve promised to stay on time today.