The Count

17 and 1/2 pills.  I hadn’t counted in a while, and I was a little surprised.  It is truly distilled to a minimum: 

1.  Prednisone takes five tablets right now, a 5 mg and four 1 mg, to make up my 9 mg dosage.  I am on a very slow, gradual taper.  In two more weeks I can decrease by 1 mg.

2.  Three vitamins, B12 for my mostly meatless intake, folic acid for the two medicines that deplete it from my system, and D to replace the action of the sun that I must avoid.

3.  One nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, for my osteoarthritis.  Helps with pain, too.

4.  A low-dose diuretic for the swelling, and potassium to replace what it depletes.

5.  A beta blocker for the chronic tachycardia that I’ve had since my diagnosis.

6.  Two antidepressants, one of which helps tremendously with the lupus and fibromyalgia pain.

7.  Over-the-counter antihistamine.  I am allergic year-round, crazy when you consider I’m on prednisone daily.

8.  One pain pill, still on minimum dosage with as-needed use.

9.  Low-dose aspirin to prevent the crazy blood-clotting that I experienced a few years ago. 

Periodically I need to lay it out, pill by pill, and convince myself that every bit of this regimen is necessary.  The alternative is to start dropping off pills and wait for the consequences, something my training and experience discourages.  I understand the aversion most people have to taking so much medicine.  This is not, however, polypharmacy.  Polypharmacy refers to mindlessly throwing prescriptions at problems without considering necessity, interactions, or possible alternative therapies. 

That’s the pills, folks, just the pills.  Still on weekly injections of methotrexate, and the rituximab infusions every four to six months.  Also on diet with very few animal products, as much exercise as I can tolerate (including our new Wii), and positive thinking. 

This inventory will have to do.  I have to go deal with a stinky, disobedient dog.



A Knitting Good Day

Yesterday I said I was in love with a yarn.  If you saw my bed tonight, you would believe it.  I can hardly find a place to sit.  There are the three scarves that I just measured and posted in my store.  There is a large makeup bag that I am using as a yarn bag.  A partially filled plastic bag of Panache, several balls of Merino Brights, one crochet project, and two knitting projects take up a good deal of space.  Oh yeah, there’s also the bag of flax yarn and bamboo crochet hooks that I got for a steal, which came in the mail today.


The flax is discontinued yarn in a lovely sunny yellow.  I’ve never had it before, and at about $2 per hank I thought it was a good time to try it out.  I want to use it for some particular gifts.  Right now I’m testing it out with a size F crochet hook, producing a fabric that I think will be ideal for my purposes.  I am using one of the new Takumi bamboo hooks, also deeply discounted.  They are nicely shaped and very lightweight, and warm to your hand as you use them.  The flax is stiff, but quickly softens as you handle it and work it with the hook.  I’m anxious to see a finished project.  Some things just ask to be crochet instead of knitting.


My sock yarn hat on the teeny needles is STILL in progress.  I’m approaching the crown, thankfully.  There must be a zillion little stitches in this hat.  It looks awfully pretty, though.  No regrets.


The other project on the bed is a neck warmer in the chocolate Panache.  It has an interesting shape that hasn’t finished evolving.  I’m enjoying letting it work its way out.  I’m going to love it.


I had a dinner that reminded me of my childhood.  Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup used to be my favorite.  I had a can this evening.  I also baked a loaf of homemade bread, and had a slice to dip into my soup.  That’s all.  Very simple and satisfying. 


I had a wonderful day today.  I awoke feeling a little better (?injectable methotrexate?) and accomplished a lot more than I planned.  I’ve been relaxed and focused all day.  I talked to a few people, but I haven’t been out today, except into my own yard.  I’ve had nausea from meds all afternoon and evening, but that’s not controlling anything.  A really good day.