Wherein I Drink My Coffee and Go to Work

I have been pumped by work lately.  I’m excited about every project I work on, and I’ve started some things based on need (for the store, I mean).  I decided that I want to put some of the mats in my store, and I finished the second one today.  I love it.  The mats let me express myself more directly.  I don’t have any restrictions as to size, shape, fit, popular colors…it’s more like creating art.  I even suspend some of the “laws” of knitting when I make them.  For this last one I used my colors all the way to the end of the skein, ending some of them in the middle of rows.  I changed colors on the wrong side and let some of those dashed line connections exist on the front side.  The ends of the mat are similar but not identically shaped.  Now that this is in my mind there are other things I want to do with the mats.  More to come.  The one I just finished was 46 inches long and 24 inches wide after knitting.  I felted it today, and I will measure and photograph it when it dries. 


Increasingly, I think of what I do as “work”.  Not that I’ve got much of an income from it.  But I have the same parameters for this as I did for previous work:  I have specific goals to meet, I put daily effort into it, I am serious about my product, I read and research to stay informed about the industry, I am training myself to be better at what I do…and I am hopeful about the income part.  That is work. 


This morning I had a moment of indignation.  I was making my usual cup of coffee in my brand new Senseo machine (the old one died of a leaky seal) when I remembered that a recent visitor to my home brought a jar of instant coffee and a bottle of flavored nondairy coffee whitener (mostly high fructose corn syrup).  I am reporting this very carefully.  I do not even want to leak the gender of this individual, because this  is such a travesty!  Anyone who has been to my house knows that I live in the coffee meca.  I order my coffee pods on line, and to get a good price and no shipping fees, I order them in bulk.  If you look at the line-up in my kitchen, you will see that I currently have Fratello French Saigon Dark, Fratello Kahlua and Cream, Melitta Creme Brulee, Green Mountain French Roast, Baronet Hazelnut and Mocha Java, Java One Sumatra Mandheling, Reunion Island Sumatra Ketambe Dark, Cuisinart’s Lavazza Dark Roast, and a Senseo sampler with four varieties that came with the new machine.  This isn’t a rigid line-up.  As my supply dwindles, I check out the websites and find replacements that suit me, along with prices that suit me.  I do have a backup supply of French Saigon Dark.  I have lately come to think that it gives my mornings something special.  St-rbucks ain’t got nothing on my coffee bar.  Anyway, the person who deigned to snub my supply to drink two cups of instant, chemical-infested, liquid crud is uninformed and must have plastic tastebuds.  Not to mention that this person must have felt that I would be inadequate as a hostess. 


Tonight I watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy for the second time.  I watched it alone last night, then with my daughter tonight.  The same events made me cry both times.  I am so into this series, because there are aspects of the characters and their stories that feel familiar.  They could be the house staff that I trained with.  The writers have isolated the important themes that run through this particular type of training, and their handling of these issues rings true.  One of my classmates in medical school was a script writer for Mash before he decided to become a doctor.  I’d like to go the other way, and be a script writer now.  I know stuff now.  At least, I think I do.  Anyway, I appreciate having a finale that isn’t a cliffhanger.  I’m too close to these characters, I couldn’t stand it. 


I haven’t reported on the foot in a bit.  The lupus foot (okay, we don’t really know it’s from lupus but it’s typical of my other joint and bone pains) that had me limping badly last week has cooled off.  I’m still wearing the cast shoe and my pain has diminished a good amount.  I’ve been pretty careful to not overdo the walking.  Instead, I’ve been climbing onto the recumbent bike and pedalling for 20 minutes, complete with wind sprints.  In order to make a high-exertion interval I imagine that a bear is chasing me.  It’s highly effective. 

Good Lord!  Am I still talking?