Inflammatory Knitting

I’ve been smiling since noon yesterday.  I feel wickedly happy, because I outsmarted the lupus and recognized that my terrible pain last week was unresolved inflammation.  I began the week with bad foot and back pain, and nothing was improving it.  I had my mind fixed on the recent rheumatology visit, where my doc noted all the signs of osteoarthritis.  The pain was so severe I stayed in most of the week.  It finally hit me Friday that this pain was not osteo but my old buddy lupus, in its familiar nesting place:  sacroiliac joints and feet.  I increased my teeny prednisone dose from 5 to 15 mg, and at 24 hours I was greatly relieved.  All day Saturday I continued to improve.  Sunday (today) was the day to start a gradual taper.  Only inflammation gets better that quickly with steroids.

Like I said, yesterday was good.  Midway through knitting group, I decided to take a friend and go yarn shopping in a town south of here.  I enjoyed driving the 30 minutes through the low mountains of north Georgia, and our foray into town took me way off my beaten path.  I had not been out of view of the interstate in this city, and it actually has a nice town area, and – more important – a great yarn shop.  Krazy Knits is in a converted house, and has several rooms of yarn, neatly shelved and organized.  I cruised all the rooms, gradually adding to my pile on the counter by the cash register. 

I could bore you with an account of each yarn I purchased.  Suffice it to say that I have lots of pretty, soft, colorful stuff.  If this is titillating, call for details.  More importantly, I already knit a cutie-pie toddler poncho and have started a scarf. 

I haven’t shown anything I made in a long time.  I’ve been knitting and crocheting daily, so here’s a sample:

DSC04071   DSC04073



Upper left is a pair of fingerless mitts from undyed organic cotton.  They are waiting for buttons.  Crocheted, of course.  The knitted swirl hat is small child-size, from Knit Picks sock yarn (cotton, merino, nylon).  The lower hat is 9 mos to toddler size, also organic cotton, crochet.   To the side you can see the edge of a baby blanket that is being blocked, blue, red and brown, diagonal garter stitch with yarnover eyelets up the edges.  Better photo when it’s off the wires.  Matching booties and hat are here, too. 

I promise, not everything is cream coloured.  More soon.



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