Pick Up the Phone

Just when I thought my biggest worry today would be the aches and pains from yesterday’s cleaning, there’s more news from the Senate’s health care struggles. 

A majority of Americans support having a public plan available for folks who cannot get health care insurance through their employers and who cannot afford to buy it on the private market.  There’s a movement in the Senate to delay this, giving private insurance companies more time and options to deal with the problem, and only allowing a public plan at some fututre time if they should fail.  The private insurers have already shown us that profit is their whole motive.  They have done everything they can to deny insurance to people and to not pay for what their insured customers need.  Why should they have another chance at our expense? 

What can we do?  We can get on the phone and call our senators’ offices, telling them that we don’t want to delay a public plan, that we need it now.  It takes 5 minutes to pick up the phone and relay that message.  You can read about it here:  http://www.healthcareforamericanow.org/.  I’ve already called Senator Alexander and Senator Corker to register my request.  If we don’t have health care for everyone in 2011, I don’t want to be kicking myself for lack of action.   

Now I’ve gotta get back to cleaning.  Someone else is scheduled to see my house.  Sell, 7514 Tranquility, sell! 



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