Drive-By Blogging

A quick “Hurray” for the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.  Sandra Day O’Conner was the graduation speaker at my medical school graduation (Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, 1982).  It was exciting even though I wasn’t a huge fan.  Every indication of our country dragging its tired political butt into the next century is to be celebrated.  Many so-called developing nations are so far ahead of us in the fair-minded, unbiased selection of diverse talent for political leadership. 

I shopped with my daughter today.  We did clothing, food and celebratory treats (a trip to the bakery for cookies).  I forget what we were celebrating, but we made it to Piece ‘a Cake and got thumbprints.  My mocha ones were delicious.  I enjoyed watching my daughter try on clothing, and hearing her comments about various items.  She has that fashion-conscious, highly critical viewpoint that comes from having half of a fashion merchandising major and a lifetime of love for clothing. 

We’re trying to ignore our umpteenth storm and watch some television.  The animal is huddled between us, the only safe place she can find after that first loud clap of thunder.  This is the perfect atmosphere for an old episode of Bones.  We just heard loud screams and saw a bloody corpse, then to the autopsy. 

I’ve decided to slow my frantic pace and follow the signs my body is giving me.  The day after selling at the Market is difficult – lots of aches and pains and fatigue.  I don’t think I can manage a two-day gig right now, and I’ve received the logistical info on ICE and it looks like a nightmare.  I just emailed my cancellation.  The hips, shoulder, neck, SI joints, and knees all breathed a sigh of relief. 

I’m gonna knit now.  And chill. 



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