Gettin’ On the Grid

My computer works again, I’m a fiend!  I opened it and played two rounds of Scrabble, and there will be lots more of that before the day is done. 

I’m getting ready for future craft market days.  I made two hats, one in a child’s size in lovely Auraucania Yarns Atacama.  It is hand-dyed, supersoft 100% alpaca, very loosely knit for breathing.  The second is a crochet adult hat, made from Ullteppegarn in bright turquoise.  On the needles – another hat, in a royal blue wool-alpaca mix.  I’m planning more fingerless mitts before Atlanta.

Dayna and I pulled the metal booth grid rectangles off the floor and swiped off the spiderwebs.  We put brackets on so they will stand, replacing missing screws and nuts.  We also purchased a rolling cart that doubles as a dolly (yippee, a grown-up transformer toy).  I’ve decided that we’re making enough to make this a bit more efficient and less joint-killing.  With a decent looking, more professional booth set-up, we can probably sell more.  I purchased the grid pieces two years ago, but my first attempt at using them I was late setting up and without the proper tools.  I put them in the corner after that, foolishly deciding they wouldn’t do what I needed.  Several market visits later, I can see that they are exactly what I need. 

Chattanooga Market this Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, will host the Beast Feast – a barbecue contest with five samples for $5.  That won’t attract a few people, hmmm?!  I’ve already checked our booth location-same aisle, closer to the front.  I’m excited.



4 Responses

  1. Well, Phooey! We’ll be out of town this weekend – visiting our spinning/weaving/knitting daughter in KY. Good luck! I’ll have to catch you next time.

    • Maryzelle4, I met a Kentucky knitter at the market last Sunday. One of my favorite things about face-to-face selling is meeting knitters and crafters from all over. My Kentucky contact is from outside Lexington, close to my father’s home.

  2. Hello, I am a social worker in Chattanooga, and am trying to help one of my patients find a Lupus support system. I found this site on a google, and woner if you could help. I’m not sure what your connection is, but I do enjoy some good alpaca wool!
    Peace be with you as well. 🙂

    • Victor, I’m happy to refer anyone to the local group that I know about. Since the contact that I have is an individual’s email address, I will email you and pass it along rather than publishing it on the blog. I’m happy to do that for anyone who is interested in a Chattanooga area lupus support group. Glad you are an alpaca fan!!

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