Clearing it Out and Taking it Off

It’s another cloudy morning, and I don’t mind.  I have “stuff” to do, and the weather doesn’t matter.  I have bright stuff in my mind, and the overcast sky can’t dampen that.

Yesterday, an organization that handles all sorts of issues relating to homelessness in Chattanooga sent their crew to pick up furniture that I’m donating.  It cleared my rec room of clutter and some important memories.  The blue leather sectional couch that they hauled away, still with years of wear left, was a purchase for my first home as a single parent.  It has seen dozens of slumber parties, initially Dayna’s preschool and early childhood friends, more lately young adults crashing here for fun or myriad other reasons. 

Of course, moving lots of furniture means facing the accumulated junk that has slipped underneath in five years, including a pair of prescription glasses and (not enough)  pocket change.  We’ve got some carpet cleaning to do today.

My girl is home for the summer.  Amazing how much it eases your mind to have a sick child in front of you instead of three hours away.  She’s doing great now, if you don’t count the residual allergic snot that has her carrying around a roll of tp.  She is painting.  I have always loved seeing what comes off her brush.  Maybe we’ll have new masterpieces for the new house. 

I did my bit for a national health plan this morning. ( emailed me and made it easy to call my state senators and ask if they’re going to be supportive.  I called Bob Corker’s office and spoke to an aide.  I briefly told her about my own situation (retired doc, now disabled) and interest in seeing a public health care option.  She told me that Bob hasn’t released his opinion yet, but she’ll pass along my message.  It took two minutes, and I feel good now that I’ve had a chance to speak and encourage a Senator.  Click this to find your senator and a way to contact her:

I am gradually getting back in the swing of recording my intake and sticking within my points limit for Weight Watchers.  Important weigh-in tomorrow.  Every weigh-in is important.  I am tired of being obese, and I’ve gotta stay focused on translating that frustration into action.  Yesterday I got up on my sore feet and danced during some commercials.  I climbed the stairs to the second floor.  I walked in the grocery store instead of climbing into the cart.  Try, try, try…

My doctor visit confirmed that I can put osteoarthritis on my list of medical conditions.  We’re starting with orthotics in the shoes and an increase in basic meds, along with my commitment to decreasing the weight burden on those poor joints.  There’s a plan.  That always makes me feel better. 

Time for more coffee.



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  1. Hi Essie,
    I was just enjoying your blog and wanted to let you know that we are auto-immune sisters. Mine is Fibromyalgia and Sjogren’s Syndrome. So when I am reading about Lupus and aching joints with Arthritis for you I thought I would stop by to give a gentle hug today. And I should be joining you on the weight loss plan but I have been there so many times that I would really need to get geared up to face that right now. That isn’t going to happen this week. Too much going on right now. I know that I need to be really committed before even jumping into that. But I’m happy you are giving it a go! Those joints would appreciate that I know. Time to get something done around my house. Lots of family coming to visit this week. I know the preparation is going to beat me up but I am so excited about spending time with family!

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