Monday Morning, da da, da da da-ta

A few morning thoughts:

It’s not raining.  Yayyyy.  That will change later in the day, but I am happy for a respite from the extremely wet weather we’ve endured lately.  I can hear birds singing outside my bedroom, probably the robin and her family.  She has been in residence, frequently bumping my windows, for a couple of months. 

People are making some very helpful statements that explain single payer health insurance.  I read one this morning on the PNHP (Physicians for National Health Plan) website:   http://pnhp.org  Hard to understand how anyone could read this and still support our current system, unless they are caught up in keeping health care a big, profitable, expensive business.

I’m almost halfway through a wonderful, large baby blanket.  My heart lifts when I’m making things for babies.  I understand why my mom only made things for us when we were little.  She took special joy in sewing those baby and young kid clothes, then she turned it over to us to learn and sew for ourselves.

I enjoyed Mother’s Day immensely.  My children are wonderful, and they show me again and again that they are becoming independent, responsible, interesting human beings.  The theme for the day seemed to be flowers:  two fresh bouquets (one live in dirt) and a gorgeous designer tote in deep brown with purple and pink flowers. 

I have an appointment with my rheumatologist this morning.  My list is sort of a “head, shoulders, knees and toes” assessment of the things that need attention.  I’m thinking that orthopedics and physical therapy are due. 

I’m happy to have my schedule settle down enough to be back at Weight Watchers.  I’ll keep you up on the progress. 



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