Operation Yarn Basket

People lose their minds when they go house shopping.  For some reason, their spacial logic goes awry as soon as they step into a prospective house.  They see a shelf full of yarn and they spaz out, unable to picture their fine French Provincial furniture and six foot television in the room.  Maybe all the colours cause temporal lobe seizures.  Or maybe they are uber suspicious, wondering if I’ve purchased thousands of dollars in yarn just to cover a gaping hole in the wall. 

My realtor asked me nicely to put away the yarn that I’m “not using” right now.  I started to tell her that my way to design is to live with lots and lots of yarn, and see what each skein says to me when I pass its shelf home.  However, I didn’t think I could say anything without cussing and she is my friend and a top-notch realtor who’s sold gazillions-worth of property, so I shut up and started packing. 

I finished, too, which is the reason I’m frantically typing this post.  All my yarn is in trashbags in the garage and the Pod.  Yesterday, 80% finished, I called up one of my sisters and screamed.  You know, “AAA, AAA, AAA,” like that.  She did not reach through the phone and choke the life out of me.  My sisters are good that way.  They know when you have sincere mental distress. 

For the first time, my yarn is separated by fiber type.  You know, cotton, cotton blends, wool, wool blends, alpaca, cashmere, other animal fibers like camel and yak, silk, bamboo, rayon, Tencel, banana, soy, teaching yarn (aka stuff I hate) and novelty yarn.  Every time someone else has sorted and shelved it, they’ve done it by color, like it’s an accessory to decorate the living room.  This will be quite useful in the year 2013 when my house sells and I can have my yarn out in the open like a NORMAL KNITTER. 

Now, just for a second I’m going to go THERE and talk volume.  I packed 23 trash bags of yarn.  That’s not counting the yarn contained in approximately eight project bags, a big miscellaneous basket in my bedroom, and a few bins of odds and ends.  Probably getting close to enough.  I had a total fondle fest when I was packing the bags.  Balls and skeins and hanks of fabulous stuff, each calling out “…me next, knit me next!”  I miss them so much. 

I wouldn’t be honest without mentioning the lupus connection.  This whole operation yarn basket thing just about killed me.  My sacroiliac joints are still hot, my right ankle has a chronic sprain, the bottoms of my feet are tender, my knees are totally broken and minor exertion makes me sweat rivers.  That was my condition before I started packing yarn.  Now I am worse.  Anyone who called me during the ordeal got an earful of misery punctuated by heavy breathing, and not in a good way.  I would have rested today if the scheduling guys hadn’t called to say another person needed to see my house at noon.  Do I really need to sell the house if the process is gonna kill me?  Or should I just get a note from my rheumatologist saying my house has to be viewed with a little slack because further prep will endanger my health?  Maybe I’ll have a phenomenal weigh-in this week.


2 Responses

  1. Hang in there, Babe! You’ll make it happen.

  2. Oh do I know how you feel! We are putting our house up on the market today and while our relator loves that I have a crafting room and things that people will love to see that, she did ask me nicely to tidy things up to try to organize all of my scrapbooking and yarn supplies on shelves in baskets so it looked like a page out of the container store. I too love to be able to see things as I walk by, for some reason it’s so much harder to be creative when you have to pull out a container or open a drawer. I actually have a blog post coming out hopefully this weekend about my reorganization aimed to sell. Fun right? Good luck on your home sale!

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