Mother, May I…?

It’s May first, and in honor of the day, and of the coming Mother’s Day, I’m constructing a “Mother, May I…?” list. 

Mother, may I please have a rapid return to better knee function?  I know I did a stupid thing and ran a few yards on them, and I know I put them into weight-bearing shock, but can I please just get a reprieve now?  Believe me, I regret my impetuosity. 

Mother, may I see some stabilization in my daughter’s chronic health problems?  She feels crappy, and she is young and good and should be able to get up in the morning and feel well.  And while you’re at it, show me how to pay for the doctor bills I’m anticipating. 

Mother, may I please have smooth sailing for the upcoming craft fair season?  I had to miss the opening of the Chattanooga Market, but it is in full swing with some fantastic improvements and capacity vendor involvement, and I would like to be there.  One of the coolest things is that the Market now offers credit support, so I can take my customers to their credit station to use their credit and debit cards.  That is making it lots easier for folks to buy.  The new 11-4 hours are an improvement, too.

Mother, may I sell this house?  My four-bedroom, three-bath home with hardwood floors and beautiful ceilings has been on the market for two weeks.  If you need three thousand square feet and a three-car garage, drop me a comment.  Better yet, look here:  If you look closely, you can see my backside in one of the photos.  Yikes.  I thought my realtor liked me. 

Mother, while we’re on the topic, maybe you could explain what made me crazy enough to buy a four-bedroom home when my children were graduating two and three years later?  I knew they were headed to colleges out of town.  Did I have brain freeze?  Or was I just seduced by the prospect of a craft room and a pale purple bedroom? 

Mother, may I make a request for the future?  Next time the market is going to bomb, could you give me a warning about impending economitis so I don’t bomb with it?  Of course, by then I’ll be sitting in my teeny little house living on a teeny little budget, keeping myself out of trouble. 

Finally, mother, may I thank you for a heads up from an unlikely source?  I checked out a website that is primarily made up of people who are dissatisfied with Etsy as a site for their stores.  It made me aware of all the benefits I’m getting on Etsy, and of the fact that I’m on the right track with working hard and keeping the complaints to a minimum.  It also gave me this post:
 which is the best info I’ve read on marketing an Etsy store.  I’ve just forwarded my neglected domain to my etsy store, so now you can get there the easy way, by just typing “” into your browser!



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  1. I LOVE your round dining room table with the wedges. How neat!

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