Moving by Running

Some time ago I had a two-day fascination with making bunnies.  I began a white bunny of my own design using a double strand of Jamie, the old baby yarn with a little sheen to it.  Somehow-okay, not surprisingly-the bunny sat a few weeks without being completed.  (Listen how I say that, like maybe the crochet completion fairy should have showed up and stitched him into existence.)  My daughter reminded me that she wanted to see him, so I’ve pulled him back out and finished his chubby self, save for stuffing him to the gills with polyfil.  His shape was totally determined by my eye as I crocheted (a little plumper for the belly, dip in for the neck, let’s zoom out into an arm here…), but it seems to totally work.  I even like his ears and arms (okay, front legs), which were worked in the round from a partially attached root.  Tomorrow I will stuff and photograph.  Oh yeah, he needs a face – some embroidery will do it. 

I’ve received the yarn for my dad’s vest and it is cast on and ready to continue.  I’m going to knit it in the round to the underarm.  It will save a lot of time, should be able to fly through it.  I haven’t planned any fancy stitchwork.  He’s not a fan of that, although I thought about a little basketweave.  Seems like he’d enjoy that, but I can’t be sure. 

I ran a little bit yesterday, down the hall in my hotel room.  I went outside, did my errand, then ran back down the hall to my room, just to assure myself that it really happened.  My knees are not happy tonight, but I don’t care.  I am psyched to know that it is possible.  I’ve worn pants that I couldn’t get into the past three years.  That’s another great milestone.  I’m so excited to see how I can do when I’m back down to minimal prednisone. 

Another physical challenge was the rec room upstairs.  It was packed with things that should have been sorted and sent on their way ages ago.  In about two hours, with the help of Julian and a couple of his friends, three bins of toys and a couple of trash bags of stuff were piled in the garage for donation.  Several formerly prized items wound up in one of the many trash bags.  Puzzles and games finally found homes in the closet, and a million books were put away on shelves.  Remember VCRs?  A couple of dozen tapes lost their precious shelf spots and went to donation.  I laughed when I realized that they were so old they were mostly children’s movies.  When Dayna was little I subscribed to Feature Films for Families, and they made some incredible, high quality, complex stories on film.  I loved them and felt a pang of regret putting them in the bag.  Overall, however, there was nothing but joy when I saw the completed room, all neat and usable and ready to vacuum and have a good carpet cleaning. 

I’ve begun to think about where I will go, and to set firm criteria for a new home.  I had mushy criteria the last time I shopped for a home, and they were unrealistic.  I wound up in a home that didn’t serve me the way it should.  No more of that.  For this one, I go by the list.  The coolest thing on my list:  a deep tub for soaking and enjoying.  Priorities, ya know!



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