Die, B cells, and Let Me Knit

What can I say?  A lot is happening, and I have to steal moments for blogging.  I have to try organizing this so I won’t miss anything.

House:  I am meeting with realtor today.  She will take photographs, get my signature on a sales agreement, and start selling.  I will take a deep breath and prepare for my house to be invaded by potential buyers at odd hours.  I have worked and worked and there’s so much more to attack:  the garage and rec room are crying out for attention.  I’ve already hauled a carload of stuff to the Samaritan Center, and I’m loading the car again.  How many strings of Christmas lights can one family use?  By the way, if you want a 3,000+ square foot, four bedroom, three full bath house in Ooltewah, priced to sell, by all means drop me a comment.  I’m one exit away from the new Volkswagen plant.  Buy my house!

Knitting:  I have taken the chocolate-coloured Knitpicks Cotlin given to me by a knitting group buddy and produced half of a gorgeous, mistake-rib wrap.  The other half is Noro’s beautiful summer yarn, Cotton Hill, 60% cotton/14% silk/14% kid mohair/12% wool, in bright turquoise with various accents.  This turquoise/deep brown combo is everywhere this spring, and I’m nuts about it.  I also love the juxtaposition of smooth cotton/linen with the slubby, highly textured boucle.  I am operating more on instinct these days, rather than stopping to wonder if you’d find this combo in jjill or Chico’s.  Over time, the look of my store is going to change, because my natural inclination is to more mixing of fibers and wildness of design than I’ve let myself try.  I’ve decided to just relax and create, stop overthinking it. 



Health:  Ha.  Ha.  Finished my chemo cycle yesterday.  Met my favorite fellow patient so far.  I had a lovely time getting to know her and her husband, and for once we exchanged info so that we can stay in touch.  My kind of person, totally.  I hurt in various places, and the sorting and carrying and distributing is killing me.  I can’t wait to start having some results from this round of therapy.  Enough of that.  And the night sweats!  Enough.  I said enough.  Die, B cells, die!

Reading:  From now on, my daughter will pick out all my reading materials.  I’ve just finished three books that she chose, and every one was a great read.  I am the Messenger was the last one, The Redbreast before that.  Dayna finds excellent foreign authors.  I wish I had her eye for books. 

Miscellaneous:  I have a fellow EtsyKnitters street team member who lives in east Tennessee.  She is the mother of seven talented kids, and her household is alive with crafting and fiber arts.  I added her blog to my list today-enjoy:  http://mysevenkids.blogspot.com/.



3 Responses

  1. Love the wrap. I hope you feel better soon. It’s the cure that nearly kills ya, LOL. Thanks for the plug about my blog. I sure have great kids.

  2. Good luck with selling the house! Do you have a place to move to yet?

    A book you might enjoy is called Bold Spirit: The true story of Helga Estby. This is the story of a woman who walked (!!) from Spokane, WA, to New York City in 1896; with a sub story of the importance of keeping up family stories.

  3. “Die, B cells, die!” That sounds kinda like it would be a good title for a science fiction/horror movie. It would play briefly at drive-in theaters and then become a cult hit on video. I think it should star Shia Labouf and Tory Spelling.

    Good luck with the house sale.

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