Weekend Ramblings

Yesterday I looked in the mirror and saw a pink person.  I had a gentle flush all over, like someone with mild sunburn.  My skin blanched, that is, when I pressed down with my fingertip, it would leave a light place, then I could see the pink colour coming back.  Today I wore a pink dress to the breakfast restaurant so I wouldn’t seem so pink.  Or maybe it was so my pink would just seem like a reflection of what I was wearing.  Actually, it didn’t hurt that the pink dress fit a lot better than it did last year when I bought it, and I thought I was looking good. 

I’ve had spells of sweats for the past couple of days, and everyone has noted how warm my skin feels.  I’ve also been a little tired, but not so I couldn’t manage packing and going to see my daughter and enjoying it.

I’m listing these symptoms because, with the infrequent dosing schedule, I tend to forget what the aftermath of rituximab treatment is like.  I just have a vague idea that I don’t feel great for a couple of days, then it’s okay, when actually, some very specific things occur.  The first of this pair of treatments occured four days ago, and will be repeated in two weeks.  I had post-treatment giddiness related to being around that roomful of cancer patients and knowing that, thank God, I wasn’t being treated for cancer. 

My daughter curtailed other activities and spent lots of time with me on this combined birthday-parents weekend visit.  Her dad was also there, and we shamefully missed every parents weekend activity and made our own plans.  I had a great time.  Saturday night consisted of my girl and her best friend hanging out in my hotel room.  We watched Madagascar and Shrek, talked and played on the computer, and they introduced me to blackberry Alize.  This was the twenty-first birthday, and it was absolutely perfect to be able to see her enjoying it.  Friday, at her favorite restaurant, she proudly ordered a beer and presented her legal ID. 

I drove home today listening to a great oldies station.  It should be the law that you have to go back and listen to some oldies once a month.  I heard “Dance to the Music” by Sly and the Family Stone, “Instant Karma” (John Lennon), some great ’80s disco music, ’60s Motown, Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Joel…just a huge array of great music without many breaks.  Did you know “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was the number 1 song the year I started high school?  Okay, me either. 

This weekend I put my knitting down long enough to re-discover my online Scrabble game.  I think I should give it a little spin now.  There’ll be more writing time this week. 



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