Diva Day, Hopefully to Be Continued

I woke this morning with a lightness, waving my feet in the air, laughing loudly to myself.  There was dancing in every movement, and I smiled to me in the mirror.  The energy today was all about hope and the expectation of good, maybe good beyond anything I deserve or claim. 

Midday, I tried on new clothes, things that arrived in the mail, ordered on line, my favorite shopping method.  I am back down to the sizes of my favorite store, and I waltzed around in a flirty skirt feeling like a million.  Losing a couple of dress sizes can revive you.  Knowing that it happened logically and by my effort, rather than through some random occurrence, is my assurance of further success. 

I called my 93 year-old aunt and caught up, including telling her of my recent weight loss.  Always one to stay small and fit, she told me her own story of a stint with Weight Watchers in their early years.  She quit the program because they required you to sing your weight to the group, and she’d never been a singer.  Indeed, as a child she had been kept after school by a disbelieving music teacher who insisted she try harder to make melodious sounds.  She laughed as hard as I did, the chuckles ringing in her whisky voice, the one I’d always envied. 

Later, I shopped at the little vegetarian market, driving home with my tofu and carrot-ginger soup (mmm, more curry), ignoring the meaty smells from the barbecue joint by the road.  By the time I put away groceries, and rescued my dog from her imprisonment in the sleeve of my jacket, I had to sit and rest.  That didn’t end my day.  After dozens of photos I was able to post the wrist cuffs and bag that now open my store. 

I hate getting philosophy from a television narrator, but the Grey’s Anatomy wrap-up had it right tonight.  Trauma always does leave scars, and for some of us, it also makes us continue forward.  Or are we moving in spite of the scars?  I don’t know.  Today I only experienced the movement, and I felt like a diva.



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  1. This is lovely! You are quite the writer, and congratulations on your achievements of taking good care of yourself.

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