twittering in your lingerie

holy cow, i am having a morning!  it’s just “a morning” because i have to divide the “great” from the “crappy”; this morning is both.  you know about the crappy already, no need to reiterate.  the great part is that it seems like all the humor rises to the top like beer foam when i am feeling physically bad.  i say that with the greatest of endearment, as i love beer, having grown accustomed to it as an engineering student.  engineering at vanderbilt in the 70s had a great number of gi’s, and we didn’t have wine and cheese parties-we had beer and chips.  or just beer.  a cultured bunch we were, nothing like the stereotypical nerds and techies, but problem-solvers with robust humor and easy partnerships.

away from the beer!  today the today show tackled the topic of twitter.  stephen colbert  happened to be a guest, and when asked if he used twitter, he said “yes, i’ve twatted”.   that laugh picked me up off my pillows and propelled me into the sitting position.  a bit later, ellen degeneres began her daily dance, and i slid out of bed and danced with the crowd, shrilling “woot-woot” and shaking my hips.  hips seem to shake even when all the adjacent joints are stiff and unyielding.  especially if the music is right.  that wasn’t all the fun this morning.  an enewsletter called knitter’s review comes on thursdays, and today parker linked us to a video of extreme shepherding, one in which the sheep were wearing led lights and being coaxed into amazing patterns.  you can laugh too:

today i’m continuing with a beautiful coral baby sweater that i started yesterday, a custom piece that will be done saturday.  it is trimmed in seed stitch, and made from a soft, soft, lofty yarn:  25% cashmere/25% angora/50% very fine merino.  i’m a firm believer in giving babies soft clothes.  life is hard enough without confronting rough, itchy, synthetic fibers in your first few years.  the washing issues don’t concern me.  what does a baby wear that is too big to pop in the sink for a 2-minute hand wash?  if mom can hand wash her fancy lingerie (her “privates” as ellen degeneres once called them), she can pop junior’s sweater in for a quick cleansing.  truth be told, the baby is going to spend most of its days swaddled in one of your t-shirts and a diaper, and only put on the cashmere sweater for church or a photo session.  just don’t spill your communion wine on the kid and it’ll be fine. 

i’ve got stuff to do today.  gotta go twitter, tweet, and wash my feet.



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  1. Kate had sent us the link to the sheep-on-the-hill. What a WOW that is!

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