The PNHP Health Care Recommendation

I had planned to post a drive-by this week with the text of Dr. Fein’s presentation to the President’s health care forum.  I am a member of Physicians for a National Health Program, which advocates health care for every American, with an economical, single-payer base.  Having worked in the public and private sectors caring for patients, and looking at the built-in problems of our current system, I feel very strongly that this is the best solution. 


Please read and consider this statement, prepared by Dr. Oliver Fein of the Physicians for a National Health Plan:

I had to revise my previous draft of this post, as the prepared statement didn’t print out properly and I was clueless as to how to fix it.  On another day I might have figured it out, but I feel a bit slow today.  My thoughts seem to require a bit more concentration and focus than usual.  I have an infection that just cropped up, and my general symptoms are pointing towards impending flare, so I am not surprised.  I spoke with one sister on the phone for a while and seemed to have word-finding trouble every few minutes.  How convenient that my child is home for spring break, here to fill in the blanks.

From time to time I get feedback on my blog in forms other than the comments printed here.  As much as anything, they encourage me to keep writing.  I’d just like to acknowledge them as a group, thank those kind folks who say that my writing informs, entertains, encourages, or comforts them.  As a doctor, I always knew that my work had value, that I did some good for the people in my care.  One of the worst consequences of disability is the feeling that you may not be useful anymore.  The first few years after I stopped practicing medicine, I had to learn a lot about my place in the universe and what value I had that was separate from my physical abilities.  That’s a whole ‘nother post. 

I’ve been doing more than just contemplating.  The organic cotton summer scarf is finished but not photographed.  I began a wide, brightly coloured, loosely crocheted scarf from gorgeous rayon yard yesterday.  I’ve got a sample in progress that is moving along well.  In between, the sorting and consolidating continues.  I made an extensive list of items that must be completed to get my house ready to show-20 items!  Yes, big number, but I feel better seeing it all laid out in front of me. 

Overall, I have a wide path ahead and I can see my way clearly, which is a lot more than I can say about some portions of my life. 



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  1. Sorry to hear that there is an impending flare. I hope it stays away – or is light and short. I enjoyed your letter to the editor in the paper. Good job!

    Our life has been basketball these last few days. And you need to know that our mutual friend, “J”, has been promoted to a new job – sweeping the floor during one of the basketball games. She was looking GOOOOOOOOOOD!

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