Better Day Than It Oughta Be

Welcome to a day that’s way better than it was supposed to be.  It’s pouring rain and I’ve had to change my plans about loading stuff into the pod.  I was awake at 2 a.m. with pain from stomatitis (irritated mouth lining from my methotrexate).  Those two things led me to expect a crappy day, but guess what?  It’s kind of marvelous and great! 


Which leads me to the definition of a great day.  A great day is one when I wake up.  A great day is one which has possibilities – where I can choose to do something that suits me, like knit and talk to friends.  On a great day I feel creative, and start projects like the plus-size shell that I’m knitting from gorgeous citrus colours of Bela Colour. 


On a great day I can take action, like writing a letter to my governor and copying the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:

Dear Governor Bredesen,
I am appalled to hear that you are considering turning down federal stimulus money for the unemployed.  I cannot fathom a reason to put these already embattled citizens of our state into further penury.  All of us know someone who is affected by the loss of a job, and the rapid down-spiral that this causes in a family.  Our sources of community aid for these people are severely stressed.  Our communities will only suffer further devastation if more families are allowed to languish with limited or no income.  I don’t believe that any of the governors who are making this choice have taken the pulse of their electorate.  Please don’t join them!
Essie Jeanine Woods Bruell, M.D.
You can see the New York Times article on this: 
On a great day, your sense of rightness and humor will protect you from paranoia and fear of action.  On a great day, I make myself laugh. 
A couple of dates have sprung up, surprising me.  Seems like only weeks ago that we planned for our World Wide Knit in Public Day.  It’s coming up again in June, and we’ll have to start talking and planning again soon.  The beginning of next week a coalition of lupus patients, families, friends and doctors will descend on Washington and pursue the issue of increasing funding for lupus research.   It’s the Lupus Foundation of America’s 11th Annual Advocacy Day.  Wick Davis contacted me from the LFA to say we don’t have to attend to help the cause:
To learn all the easy things you can do from the comfort of your home, please go to
I went to visit my friends on and it made me angry to see all those young women (and an occasional man) whose lives have been so drastically altered by this disease.  Fact is, it’s been 50 years since a drug specifically for lupus has been approved by the FDA.  All we get are the leftovers, and it’s a direct result of underfunding.  Grrr.  That really gets my wolf up.  Thinking of my personal situation ramps it up, because I’ve finally, after 16 years, found a drug that really seems to decrease my flares and let me have a life.  The punchline:  it’s six thousand non-covered dollars per year.  Specific research documenting effectiveness in lupus would allow more of these treatments to be covered by insurance.   
So people, enough writing, time for more action.  Pitter patter.

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