Finished Crocheted Turtles, Fancy Knit Mitts

I’m excited to write today.  So much is happening that I’m spending more time doing and less time reporting and reflecting.  To compensate, I’ve turned off the television for most of every day so that I can think and plan while my hands are busy.  Ongoing concerns:

1.  House clean out.  Gonna purchase heavy brown wrapping paper today for artwork and family photos.  Slowly getting those books sorted out.

2.  Etsy store.  More involved in the Etsyknitter and Etsyfast groups.  I’m getting to know some group members, and we’re sharing more business concerns and wisdom.  Lately there’s a big effort to share updates and information on our craft, as well.  Etsyknitter’s Through the Back Loop is a weekly forum showing new work from all members: posted several items.

     New things in my store include these lacy mitts with the giant violet handmade button.  I actually posted another pair of mitts in my store this week, too.  Of all the things I knit, they draw my attention the most right now.  I love designing them, and knowing that they can bring instant relief to cold, sore hands.  I love wearing them.  I feel a series of summer designs coming up, because nothing makes hands colder than frigid air conditioning.  It’s awful to not be able to get warm in your own house.  If you’re like me, you have been pushing the limit.  My thermostat’s at 65. 


And here’s the finished turtle, feet and all.  All of the custom turtles are complete, and ready to mail.  I’m going to keep producing for the store if there is demand. 


Apparently my turtles eat bamboo. 


3.  Weight loss:  this is a good week.  I’m following my Weight Watchers, forcing myself to vary my meals so that I can use up some of the stuff in my pantry.  It’s a good exercise in learning new ways to put together good nutrition.  Last night I made my Mexican W.W. version of spanikopita:  frozen spinach, fat free Greek yogurt, eggs, shredded low-fat cheese, and thin strips of corn tortillas.  It is delicious. 


4.  Lupus:  do I still have that?  just kidding, it tells me “yes” daily in that grumpy wolf voice.  Right now I’m having painful, slow-starting mornings followed by decent afternoons and evenings.  I’d love to just be on an even keel for a while. 


5.  Family:  do I still have that?  Major kidding – they are all around!  My dad’s wobbly signature on my birthday card, my mom needing a reminder as to whose voice is on the phone, one sister’s frequent calls with her cheery news…another sister reports someone’s death with every phone call -“and Essie, she was your age, and just dropped dead!”


6.  My pleas to the Force for this week:  I need to be healthy enough to go to knitting group.  My daughter needs some healthy time.  I’d love a few months with no med changes.  A big Lotto win wouldn’t hurt.




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