Turtles and Green Tee

Watching Things We Lost in the Fire, Halle Berry trying not to scream at the end of her marriage, husband sudddenly murdered, everything in her life different. 


Today I was thinking about all the “different” I’m looking at right now.  For months my financial relationships have been screwy.  Banks that I’ve known for fifteen years are answering their phones more slowly.  They greet you at the door but the smile is false and the coffee machine doesn’t work.  They give you conflicting messages-credit limit slashed on one card, doubled on another.  Mortgage guys saying “we can help” and then “what?  no way!”


The Lane Bryant catalog, provider of clothing for fat women for my lifetime (my mom used to be a regular user), is having a liquidation sale.  75% off, get it now, nonreturnable, going out of business for good. 


I didn’t think preparing to move, cleaning out the house, would be hard.  I have sad moments.  This house was more than a temporary stop in the country.  Things happened here that made me learn and grow.  My children left from here, started new home-away-from-home lives.  Here was my first knitting home, the house given over to yarn.  I feel strongly that I need a simpler, cheaper living space, and I haven’t questioned the need to move, but it’s still hard.  A friend’s offer to help with packing, in a very specific way, was so welcome yesterday.


Also welcome and much appreciated:  last night’s birthday celebration with my in-laws.  They asked what I wanted, and then took it to a whole ‘nother level.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at their home, with a couple hours of laughing and silly-acting as only grandparents can do with their grandchild.  Dayna, finally better from food poisoning, enjoyed it as much as I did.  Interestingly, she ruled the table, directing conversation and making each of us report recent news to the others.  Always thoughtful, my mom-in-law had spent time searching for just the right card, one that opened to a hilarious song in pipsqueak voices, a guaranteed laugh for me on any bad day.  Hmmm.  Gotta learn that song so I can sing it to my friends. 


I’ve been promising photos.  The green cotton tee, knit from Colinette Wigwam, is finished.  I am extremely proud of it.  I will have it posted in my store after I make a few more detail photos of the front lace.  dsc03694


And the back: 



The other thing I’ve been talking about is the turtle project.  Here is what 60 turtles look like before they get their pearl feet.  dsc03692  The turtles are stacked, hence the appearance of two-, three- and four-headed turtles.  They are not mutants.  I’ll show some footed ones when I’m done stitching on the pearl beads.  Sticking with what I know, people.




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  1. I LOVE that green tee. wow.

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