The Eyes (Don’t) Have It!!

This will be brief because I’m typing with one eye dilated and I might be missing errors that will land me in jail for slander or salaciousness or worse.  However, I could not wait to tell my news!  My eyes are fine!!!  No bleed, no retinal tear, just normal vitreous jellly breaking loose and making those little floaters, probably more than usual because of my extreme near-sightedness (near-sighted means longer eyeball and more tension on the walls where the retina attaches and the vitreous is anchored and…oh hell, my eyes are fine!).  I asked Steve if I’m coming in for silly stuff and he assured me that my concerns were justified and that I should come in for any worsening of these symptoms.  Yay, I’m not no stinkin’ eyepochondriac! 


That’s good news number one.  Number two is that yesterday morning I got a hankering to dive into my bedroom trash can to search for my camera, and while I felt foolish digging through the trash, I did find it!  Go figure.  It either jumped off the bed into the can or I absent-mindedly dumped it there with a load of discarded mail.  I’d like to label everything I own with some responsive material that would make it clang or beep or light up when I pushed a button, Mary, but it would sound like the cast of Stomp.  I misplace things regularly.  Usually when I’m putting them in a safe place that I will remember forever. 


Number three good news is that I increased my prednisone back to my 10 mg baseline, and I got up feeling good today.  I’m going to finish the baby hat I’m working on, start my load of turtles, and work on another project that has a deadline.  I don’t have to stop for cooking, I’ve got leftover tofu/cabbage/mushroom/onion sautee and simmer in my refrigerator. 


Oh yeah, one caution.  I mentioned the Lion Brand Recycled Cotton.  I will think twice about buying any more of it.  I am halfway through a skein and so far I’ve had about eight separate pieces of varying lengths.  They should have warned me!!!  I like how the yarn knits, and my toddler hat is adorable (I’ll show when it’s finished), but I’m gonna be weaving ends forever.


Someone put me in an awesome treasury last night.  I’m honored to be in that particular company – some very creative designers there.  You can see here:  It will be up for two days. 




2 Responses

  1. Hooray about the eyes! Don’t we always wonder about something going wrong with the eyes!

    Glad you found the camera. As we know all too well, putting something where you’ll be SURE to find it is the kiss of death!

  2. Oops – I meant WORRY about something going wrong with the eyes. I saw it just as I pushed “submit”. (of course)

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