Supermom to the Rescue

It’s a good thing I’ve been given superpowers.  Last weekend, I had to use them.  Saturday night my daughter called.  She wanted to come home, needed a break from hand-holding and mediating in her friend group.  Unfortunately, with a regular classload this week, home wasn’t an option.  I decided to come and prepare a homey nest for her instead.  I arose Sunday morning, threw some things into a bag, dropped off the animal at her favorite friend’s house, and got on the road.  I’ve checked into a hotel in the college town and invited my daughter over for a bit of mom-style pampering. 

These are things mothers will do for you: 

1.  Come when you need them.

2.  Detangle your wet hair.

3.  Listen to complaints about friends, and support your decision to turn off your phone.

4.  Tell you that extra five pounds will melt off when you walk back and forth to class.

5.  Hold onto hope even when it seems elusive and futile.

6.  Remind you of all your talents, skills and positive personality traits.

7.  Keep you safe in whatever way she can.

8.  Love you, love you, and love you. 

9.  Get you a pet even when she knows it will be her buddy for life.

10. Give you one more chance. 

11. Massage your temples and earlobes.


I’m fortunate to have a portable business.  Have needles (or pins, as my British knitting friends say), will travel.  I brought a couple of projects with me, and they knit just as easily here as in my house.  I made a dash to the Hobby Lobby today, needing some charcoal yarn.  After agonizing about the yukkiness of acrylic yarns, I finally chose a Caron Naturals wool/acrylic blend that is soft and handles quite well.  I don’t need to be 100% snobbish; I can compromise at times.


Two nights ago I stayed awake waiting for the number of Etsy Treasuries (Etsy :: Treasury) to get low enough that I could score a treasury of my own.  I was able to curate a twelve-item collection of my favorites from other sellers.  Etsy users (sellers and buyers) commonly graze through these displays, looking for interesting objects, leaving comments, assessing others’ taste and interests.  The number of visitors is logged, as is the number of clicks that individual objects receive.  The bigger the numbers, the more successful the treasury.  The “best” treasuries are used on the front page of   People congratulate one another on having nice treasuries, pay each other back for being included.


So much to learn in this selling game.  To think it all started with knitting too many Christmas gifts.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world.




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