A Joyous Morning

Yippee skippee folks, WordPress has made it easier to insert replies to your comments, so from now on, when you ask a question I can answer it right there in the comments section.  That’s provided your question doesn’t generate a whole new post.  I know, who says “yippee skippee”?  Well I do, that’s who.  I am dancing in my head and whenever I put my feet on the floor.  Today is good.


I made myself breakfast (tofu and apples) and served it to me in bed.  My dog hates me.  She’s laying there on her doggie bed glaring at me, periodically turning her back to let me see her disapproval.  She could be eating, too, if she had gotten her lazy butt out of bed and followed me to the kitchen.  I draw the line at serving her breakfast in bed.  After all, it’s not like she couldn’t tell there was kitchen activity.  She’s got dog hearing!  She can hear me thinking about opening the refrigerator.  I love you, Lucy.  I’ll be back in the kitchen soon.


Who makes the executive decisions in your house?  Here, I make them, because I’m the only occupant.  I decided not to put the house on the market just now.  I looked at the bucks and decided I over-reacted.  My economitis isn’t fatal yet, and I can sit still and make a more considered decision.  I really have decision-making ADD (attention deficit disorder).  I feel better once a decision is made, so I am impatient with the process that gets me there.  At least I’ve learned to reconsider and stall a bit until I can think about consequences and kind of feel my way through a choice.  This trait, the quick decision-making, served me well in medicine.  You couldn’t debate all day about whether to intubate an unconscious patient, or which antibiotic to prescribe for their meningitis.  You made a choice, monitored the consequences, changed if necessary.


It is cold at my house.  20 degrees, 8 with the windchill.  I receive a daily email from one of my local stations, and today it began:  “You will be slapped in the face with cold and breezy weather this morning.”  At least my power was on.  Last week when it hit this temperature, the early morning demand was so great that the power kept going out.  I was terribly sleep-deprived with all the early morning disruption.  When the power cuts off, my CPAP machine quits, and I immediately wake up.  Oh, did I fail to mention that I have sleep apnea?  CPAP is fab.  I never sleep without it.  (Jeez is there gonna be a time when I can say that about a partner?) 


Okay, time to get this party started.  There are things to mail (an order and a birthday present) and things to knit (ha-like I have planned it and can just announce it right this minute) and maybe things to crochet, too, because I am multi-talented.  And it seems, a little manic.


Much love on this Inauguration Day.  May all the world be better for it.



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  1. A great day it was!

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