Crochet and Angora Mitts

I am running on the bare nerves and elevated adrenaline of someone who stayed up ’til 4:30 a.m.  In my not-so-single days, if I was up all night it was for something you’d consider more exciting.  This morning I was up because I was crocheting.  NO I am not a traitor to the knitting world.  My two rules of creating are: 

1.  Craft and art merge at some highly subjective line.

2.  All creating is created equal.

During the holidays, I picked up a crochet hook to make two scarves for my daughter, at her request.  She wanted granny squares and soysilk.  I had fun crocheting those, and she was as pleased as I was at the results.   The past few days have been progressively colder, and my hands have been cold even in the house.  (I keep my thermostat at 65 degrees F.)  Yesterday I picked up a skein of the precious Kimono Angora and a 3.25 mm hook (yeah, that’s small) and started working on a pair of indoor mitts for me!  myself!  moi-pe!  (The latter is a term that my daughter made up when she was taking French in preschool, and fooled me into thinking was a real word.)


I don’t make many things for myself.  I’m either busy filling orders from other people or making stock for my store, and I’ve been even more driven about that in the past six months.  I am enjoying this luxury.  I’ve become convinced of the usefulness of fingerless mitts and would like to have them as a regular wardrobe item.  Right this minute I’m looking forward to making more of them, even more than making more socks.   I am wearing my new mitts as I type, and I’d love to show them off.  Unfortunately, my computer is having issues this morning.  Last night I spent an hour on the phone with a lovely man from Comcast turning things on and off and changing plugs and now I’ll have to figure out what I did that keeps my system from allowing the upload menu to show.  My two and one-half hours of sleep are not adequate for doing that now. 


Anyway, fading fast. 



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