So, Like, This is What Happened…

We are not quite two weeks into the new year and I am already two days behind.  At this rate, I’ll be six weeks behind by the end of the year.  Par. 


I am fond of certain types of technology, especially those designed to save me time and effort.  Here is a tale with a lesson.  I had a number of my monthly bills on “auto-pay”.  I signed up at each company’s website to have the payments deducted from a certain account.  Cool.  No checks to write, no postage needed, no paper-wasting bills in the mail for most of them, everything on autopilot.  End of the year, I changed some accounts, including the one that everything got paid from.  And surprise, I had never constructed a comprehensive list of everything that was on autopilot.  For a month I’ve been getting polite notices that the account that is paying the bill is no longer there, and I’d better give them an alternative, or else.  So much for cool autopilot.  This time, as I make the changeovers, I’m writing it down.  There isn’t a function on my keyboard where I can push the button and get an instant list of my auto-pay bills.   Oh Lord, I am not good at lying.  I am not writing it down.  This could so happen again.  But I am thinking of making the list. 


Today is the day to talk about weight, since I didn’t do it yesterday.  I realize I jumped right over the kiddie store, but that’s because I’ve only moved four items into it so far.  A week ago, Weight Watchers entered the new year with a sort of new program.  The upshot is that I had to start counting points on everything I ate.  At the weigh-in a week ago, I had gained two pounds, so I didn’t mind starting to count – I wanted to rein in whatever I was doing wrong.  Surprise!  I haven’t been eating enough.  My usual diet is so much whole grain, fruits and vegetables, all plain stuff without sauce or grease or fatty accompaniments.  When I started the core program, and my carbs were limited, I guess I dipped into the starvation zone, where my calories were low enough to make me hold onto every ounce. 


Long story short, I ate and ate this week to get enough points in, and I lost 2.6 lb.  This is going well.  I’m not suffering a bit.  For increased activity, I stand instead of sit for kitchen work.  I stand when I do laundry.  I make myself walk extra trips back and forth in the house, rather than conserving energy and steps.  I’m averaging more than 30 minutes per day of “activity”.  My feet hurt, but that’s what pain meds are for.  My sacro-iliacs are not too awful.  And that’s on less prednisone – I’ve tapered from 10 to 8 milligrams.  It’s all good. 


Slowly I’m getting relatives to commit to doing this with me.  I sure want us to be on the Today Show.  Or the Ellen Show.  We’d be old news for Oprah – she’s the weight loss hero on her show.  You know the headline:  Family Loses 800 Pounds, Goes to Disneyland.  Yes, laughing.  How can you not?



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