Health Care Discussion Report

What follows is the report submitted to the website after the health care discussion:

Four people attended the health care discussion, and five more who were unable to attend submitted their ideas in writing and through later conversations.  All of their opinions and situations were considered in preparing this report.  Ages ranged from 20 to mid60s.  All were female.  The group was mixed racially and had very diverse incomes.  Four were in health care, although one nurse and one doctor were retired early due to disability.  Two were self-insured.


Of note:  ____, a self-insured professional,…  health insurance for herself … was exorbitantly priced and came with a $5000 deductible…,  the husband was eligible for Medicare, and he has had problems finding a primary care physician who will accept him into the practice.


___ is a former physician, retired due to disability. She is insured with Medicare only, and is not old enough for a Medicare supplement insurance. Her medications (approximately 10 prescriptions per day, plus chemotherapy every four to six months and a weekly injection), are not all covered by Medicare. She has entered the “doughnut hole” every year since she started on Medicare. Her additional (uncovered) medical expenses have been as much as $7,000 per year.



___ is a student who is on her parent’s health insurance policy. .. now having great difficulty finding health insurance for … have pre-existing conditions.

The group perceived lack of affordable insurance coverage as the most pressing and serious problem facing us. Most found medical care through personal referrals or health insurance provider panels. Most found their health insurance coverage too expensive or inadequate to cover their needs, and had great difficulty paying uncovered medical expenses. Only two expressed that their coverage was affordable and adequate.


Most of the group who had employer-supplied health plans were aware of the employer’s contribution amount for the plan. One group member was an employer, and expressed great difficulty with supplying insurance for their business employees, as their contribution has risen to approximately $500 per employee per month. Everyone agreed that the option of obtaining health insurance that was unrelated to work was desirable, and no one objected to it being non-private.


All of the group was aware of recommended preventive medical procedures. Almost half the group had avoided some of them, due to the expected expense. This was related directly to their conclusion that their insurance coverage was inadequate for their health care needs. All who were present for the group discussion noted that public health matters were given short shrift compared to education and air time spent on issues like the upcoming change in television signal output. We agreed that it would not be difficult to educate citizens on proper use of health care and good preventive measures if money spent on less important public initiatives was put to better use. All of the involved felt that the discussions are a good forum for input into change in the health care arena.

with my signature, etc.  I left out identifying information.  Whew.  Another duty checked off.


Peace, all.



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  1. My god; when you think of all the air time spent on reminding us to get “the box” instead of the antenna! I hadn’t even thought of that. all the time and money spent could probably insure a goodly number of citizens. Not to mention why that broadcast band went away in the first place . . . look into it. It’s the Bush administration again, co-opting the free airwaves for nefarious business.

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