Happy Holidays, Citizens!

‘Twas the night before Christmas…and in my house there were virtually no visual cues.  The daughter slept on the couch, recovering  from pneumonia.  The mom knitted on the last Christmas gift and organized one political get-together and one family health initiative.  And yet…


deep in all the hearts of the family there was anticipation of a wonderful Christmas.  The family was happy.  There was a  joy in all the conversations, people were making extra phone calls to one another, mother and child were preparing food and doing one-minute exercise breaks, and the tree decorating and gift wrapping were only hours away. 


This has to be the strangest holiday season we’ve seen in years.  In my house, we are suffering from economitis, trying to ride out problems that we thought  we would never endure, and yet with more hope and excitement for this country than we’ve ever had.  It’s the Obama phenomenon.  I have no illusions that he can step into office and instantly fix the woes of the world, but his beginning is distinctly different from our past administrations.  I’ve received several emails inviting me to participate in the process.  I decided to respond to one, and-like hundreds of citizens across the country-I’m hosting a health care discussion to share opinions, suggestions, and wants for the system in this country.  Our group report will go to the administration.  Obama has been elected, he doesn’t “need” us any more, and he’s still asking for input and giving us the opportunity to contribute to the change our country needs.  I’m flabbergasted.  Who knew that government “by the people” would come to mean something tangible? 


I’ve tried to gather a diverse group of people, regardless of political persuasion, who have different views of the health care system to bring to the table.  There will be health care providers and patients, employees and employers, self-employed, parents of children, children of elderly parents, chronically sick and perfectly healthy…Not only do I have a number of positive responses, people are asking to bring their friends! 


I was so excited about this opportunity (which was not directed at me, but at any and all citizens of this country!), that I responded immediately, without considering how messy my house is or the ordeal of providing snacks for everyone or the need for more seating in my family room.  I’d like to extend this opportunity to readers of my blog.  I will publish every comment I receive regarding your experiences with health care.  I’d like to hear:

1.  The biggest problem you see in the American health care system.

2.  The most important change you would like to see implemented.

3.  The effect that the current economic situation is having on your health care, if any.

Please try to answer in 100 words or less.  Thanks for your input.  Just in case you need a refresher, here is what the Obama administration plans to do:  Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Health Care.


Other things are happening.  I’ve joined the EtsyKnitters team, and looking at the work of my colleagues is inspiring me to go ahead with my plans to open my childrens shop.  I want to get my items photographed and posted by the end of January. 


You know that I joined Weight Watchers last week.  My first weigh-in was great.  I lost 6 pounds.  That makes me more inspired to do this.  My next step is to try and recruit some family members.  Ultimately, you’ll see us grinning from a couch on the Today Show, talking about how we lost a ton! 

Happy Holidays everyone!  and the Peace which we all deserve.


One Response

  1. Is this in conjunction with the meeting being put on by the Hamilton County Democratic Women? No matter. Congratulations on your holding a meeting.

    1. The lack of universal coverage, leaving children, the not-quite-ready-for-Medicare, and the working poor without health insurance.

    2. Prohibiting print/TV/web advertising of Rx meds by drug companies. Mandating that the drug companies sell their products for the same price in the US as they do in other companies.

    3. Fortunately, we have excellent health insurance and (so far) enough resources to pay what insurance doesn’t cover.

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