Fa La La and Rhodiola

I don’t need a single ‘nother Christmas present.  It’s already my best holiday season in years. 

It was hard to enjoy things to the fullest when I had to sit down and rest after each small activity.  I could barely wrap gifts when the effort of carrying one or two took all my energy for a quarter-hour.  Several years I wasn’t able to leave my house to go to grandparent visits with my daughter. 


The difference is two things.  One is the wonderful B-cell killing therapy I’ve been on for a year.  The other is an herb.  I’ve been taking it for two months, but I was reluctant to sing its praises so loudly here, because I can’t give medical advice on any kind of individual basis.  I will, however, tell you what I know and what my experience is. 


I learned of the existence of Rhodiola rosea when Dr. Andrew Weil discussed agents that can improve energy (Energizing the Elderly?).  I researched the literature as much as possible and couldn’t find any reason for not taking it.  I ordered it from CVS pharmacy online.  It’s over-the-counter, not at all expensive.  By the time it was delivered, I had forgotten about it.  It stayed in the box with an assortment of dental floss, lotion, lip gloss, and other apothecary treasures for two weeks. 


On a day when I was at the end of my rope with pain and fatigue, I remembered the Rhodiola.  I took one and continued to struggle through one small chore at a time.  A few hours later, I realized that I was no longer struggling, and had worked through a long list of chores and errands without even thinking of a rest, and that I was feeling fresh and energetic.  That occurred a few weeks before my last round of IV therapy, when I was at my worst.  I continued to take the herb once daily after breakfast, and the effects have not waned.  I missed a day recently, and found that after some moderate activity I was extremely fatigued, and could barely get undressed and fall into bed. 


None of this is scientific.  I am one person with one experience; another person could feel no effect at all.  My good results are just an anecdote, and they can’t constitute a recommendation to the rest of the world.  I do, however, want to let people know that there is a possibility here, one that has been very easy to take, compared with adding another prescription drug.  Fatigue is one of the most debilitating symptoms you can experience, and it goes hand in hand with lupus.  I have truly been blessed by having some relief from it.  I could not take a gift like this and keep it all to myself.


Fa la la!



2 Responses

  1. Miss Essie – Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas. I had your blog on a tag I could hit on my other computer but lost that. I was so happy to visit you again and hear you are doing well.

    I need to go through my stash and send some things off to you. I know I do not have time and it’s a shame it sits unused. I know when I do find time it will be to spin and use what I make personally.

    I would love to see what you made with the chunky yarn.

    Right now I have two fleeces I’ve cleaned and preparing to send off for some roving and keeping the nicest curls in preparation for the fiber festival in Estes Park next year.

    My dear husband felt sorry for the buck and moved him. I will have a bumper crop of kids to sell off as well. (That has to be a man thing.) And…too, he felt sorry for Cody so I’ll have Spring puppies to sell to ranches. Cody and Gabby are worth their weight in gold as far as watching the herd.

    Many blessings to you from the Ridge!


  2. Merry Christmas!
    and thank you for the tip on Rhodiola rosa, will definitely be passing that along.

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