Breathing and Eating


No, I am not a crazy, overprotective mother who can’t sleep when her child is three hours away at college.  My daughter has been sick for a week, and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  She was too sick to travel, so her dad (who lives just an hour from her) went and took care of her.  I stayed on the phone and did the long distance worrying.  Every day I debated whether I should jump in the car and run down there, and every day they told me “No” and I had to go on trusting that she was okay.  After her dad left, friends looked after her.  Today, feeling considerably better, she jumped in her car after evening rush hour and pedalled home. 

I am breathing much better now, thank you. 


Bigger miracle, perhaps, is that I have followed my Weight Watchers instructions during this week’s ordeal.  I haven’t snacked, resorted to nervous eating, or excused myself from faithful participation.  I’ve cooked and planned my meals and even though my daughter’s cookies are right next to me I’m not touching them.  It has struck me that I deserve this.  I knew that intellectually, but lately it seems to be understood by some essential, deeper element in me.  ‘Bout time.


Now I can decorate for Christmas.  I couldn’t do anything until my girl could be home, at least watching and giving orders.  Maybe we’ll do that tomorrow. 



2 Responses

  1. Yikes…I am glad she is home, safe, warm and with you…have a merry christmas!

  2. I know you’re glad daughter is home. Mom is always supposed to be there to take care of a sick baby.

    Our baby got here yesterday midday, with the news that, out of the blue, she’s been diagnosed with Type II diabetes – no previous marginally high blood sugar levels, no family history, etc. She’s on some medication as a trial, and has been given the first instructions on diet. She has terrible eating habits – works second shift, lives alone (except for the dog), and never has been much of a cook – all the things that make a good diet hard. I hope weight loss will follow (she is quite overweight), and that the blood sugar will drop back into normal levels.


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