‘Sox’ Rears Its Beautiful Head

I am in an absolute, cold sweat panic.  Way back in the spring, when the Think Outside the Sox (http://thinkoutsidethesox.com) contest was announced, I was gungho.  I started thinking about original designs, wanting to make new sock structure.  One idea stuck in my head, and I began to work it, but as soon as I knew (with the help of a knitting group member) how to solve the mechanical problem, I lost interest.  Oh well.  By mid-May I was saying “In my mind, I am letting go of some projects.  While I want to complete my design for Think Outside the Sox, I’m not feeling as determined to enter it in competition.  I’ll let the end-of-the-year events decide that for me.”  (see May 16, 2008 post) 


Famous last words.  I am as busy as a cat covering up s— on a hot tin roof, as my mom would say in her younger, bawdier days.  (She taught us the English language in all its best and worst incarnations.  She is the reason I say “may-onnaise” instead of “man-aise”, but she’s also the reason I know the term “frosty-carted bastard”.)  In the midst of all this busy-ness, the powers that be at XRX decided to extend the deadline for the Sox contest.  Instead of December 31, it’s January 31.  Once this fact hit me, my brain clicked back into sock design gear and I have two (not one!), two designs in my head.  This time, the designs are just killing me.  They want to be made.  They need to be made.  The world cannot go on without Essie’s Turtlefat socks.  Damn.


You know what that leads to.  At midnight, I was on the computer at Jimmy Beans Wool, ordering sock yarn.  I can only enter in the Pros category, which means at most I can win $500.  I’ll be up against people who have been knitting daily for longer than I’ve been wearing panties.  I will be tired from all the knitting I’ve done before Christmas.  NOT!  Okay, maybe my joints will be a little stressed, but I really don’t tire of knitting.  I’m going to start taking a couple of fish oil (omega-3 fatty acid) capsules for the inflammation anyway.  Regardless of the negatives, I want to do this.  I will show the wool when it comes.  I’m so excited I can’t stand it.


In other knitting, I’ve done three scarves, a pair of mitts, and about a third of my mom’s afghan in the past week.  I have some custom orders to deliver.  The black cashmere mittens are progressing and are stunning (to me, anyway).  That’s all that’s really due before Christmas.  My sock yarn should arrive about the time I’m finishing this stuff.


Yes, yes, yes, I went to the Weight Watchers meeting.  Thanks for all the encouraging comments.  I’m channeling Obama “Yes, I can.  Yes, I can.”  When I went in, I got a special treat.  One of my best old friends that I hadn’t been in touch with in years is in the group!  We ’bout hugged each other to death, and whispered through the meeting.  The talk from the trainer?  teacher?  facilitator?  was informative and interactive and quite fun.  Two days into this program, I’m not finding either the diet or the recording burdensome.  All the things I’m eating are in my regular diet, with little to count or measure.  Painless, so far.




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