Knitting for Warm Ears & Holding a Tune

I went to deliver a scarf to a customer today.  It was my second time this week.  I love making a delivery and seeing the recipient’s face as they examine the product.  I can tell immediately whether or not I met their expectations.  This week I’ve not only gotten good reviews on the ones I delivered in person, I’ve had good feedback from the distant orders.  When I don’t get feedback, I worry.  Usually I make an effort to contact the recipient and see that the item was received, and encourage them to come to my store and leave their comments. 


The immediacy of all this is still gratifying to me.  I started the Basic Luxury line a few days ago, adding a description of it to my shop message and posting some caps and ear warmers.  The next day, two ear warmers sold.  It was a quick acknowledgement that I was meeting a need.  Frankly, it met a need for me, too.  I was so excited about the simple, bulky ear warmers that I knit one for myself today.  Mine is knit from a lovely dark red Burlyspun that a friend sent to me.  It has a knitted bow on the side, and I dug around in the jewelry drawer and found that oval goddess charm to hang on the center of the bow.

essieinearwarmers-008Is that cute or what?!

That’s not the only headband I made myself today.  I needed proper attire to play Santa at our knitting group secret santa party, so I also made this one:  essieinearwarmers-003  This one is knit in plain garter stitch from a Crystal Palace ribbon yarn, Trio.  It wasn’t easy to knit because of its stiffness, but it makes a cute result.  No time to knit a red tunic with fluffy white trim, so the rest of my Santa attire will have to be whatever I can find.  Big earrings, of course; Santa needs ballin’ earwear. 


Santa has a hard decision.  Remember the crush?  He’s in the frozen fields of one of the worst winter sites in the country.  Should I knit him a scarf?  No, it can’t be secret.  You know how we are, always trying to be cool and avoid looking foolish.  That is so not me.  If I think a friend (even a friend who has become a crush) is cold and needs my wool, I’m inclined to share.  Yes, I know, he’s probably up to his cahooties in Polartec, but that isn’t homey.  I’ve got this big skein of cozy, undyed, homegrown alpaca…  Probably won’t be ready in time for Christmas, but that’s okay.  His winter will last ’til years after Easter.


My days seem to be settling into a physical pattern.  I wake up feeling crappy.  My head is congested, things hurt.  I eat breakfast and get some meds in.  Midmorning I do a major perking up.  I dance with Ellen about 10:10, and keep on dancing.  My back is hurting at that point (sacroiliitis doesn’t want to slink quietly away) but I get pain medicine and manage.  I go through the afternoon without wanting to nap.  The energy remains for cooking dinner and knitting and evening stuff.  None of this is a complaint.  If I stay this good, I can do most of what I’d like to do.  I can even travel like this.  This is a good place for me!  Thanks, chemotherapy guy.  This new biologic therapy stuff is the bomb.  Thanks, rheumatology guy.  We’ve been through a lot together, and you have kept on trying to tune me up.  I think I’m singing!




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