So Give It Up Already

I am just tee-heeing this morning. I got up feeling like something the cat drug in, and I had my meds and ate breakfast (whole wheat noodles and avocado), and drag-assed around for a while, and suddenly I’m alive. Just in time, really, because I’m not one for being all poopy and dreary.

My sudden lift might be the Carrie Fisher interview on the Today Show. She was hilarious, outrageous, and truthful. If she was 19 doing Star Wars, she must be about my age, but she looks as if life has been rather hard for her. She said her mother once told her “you aren’t mentally ill, you have manic depressive disease.” I immediately connected to that kind of clueless but supportive family reaction. When I was first diagnosed with lupus, I told everyone in my world-patients, friends, family, random strangers at the gas station… Somehow, the reality didn’t sink in with one of my sisters. Instead, she was convinced that I had AIDS. She had conversations about this with my other sisters. She was loving and supportive toward me without divulging her suspicions, but she was totally wrong. I was outraged but amused when I found out. Typical Woods family craziness.

I am knitting with total glory today. The yarn is a gorgeous DK weight handpaint from Spirit Trail Fiber Works. It looks like the sunset, mostly oranges, but also yellows and red-orange. Fabulous. It’s going to be a gift for someone I know (from a friend of hers) and I’m sure she’ll love it. This woman deserves something wonderful. She has four children, the youngest of whom was great company for me at the church market last week.

A new chapter in economitis. I checked a credit card balance on line last night and had a message saying my credit limit had been cut by about $6000. That is wild. I only use credit cards in a pinch, and won’t really miss this, but the idea that they are chopping credit on people with good credit ratings who aren’t in bill trouble is kind of stark evidence of the major screwing up of our financial system.

Another chapter in economitis. My sister’s school has had, in the past, a lot of financial support from a group of citizens who were well-connected and adopted the school as a worthy cause. In the past, they would have addressed the kids’ personal needs. This year, she has many students who are cold. Their coats are inadequate or nonexistent, they don’t have hats and scarves…and this is in Minneapolis! I can’t stand the thought of cold children. I have scoured the internet for deals on warm layers, knowing that my kids have food and clothing and are getting their college education, and they really don’t need the Christmas dollars that I had budgeted for them. Did you know you can get a new light-weight jacket for a child for as little as $3.99? I’m gonna get my super-shopper reward yet!

I am so proud of my daughter. This semester hasn’t been the easiest for her, because of some difficult required courses that fell at the same time. Regardless, she has continued to put time and effort into volunteering. This Sunday she was able to meet some of the children supported by the Heroes program, which gives to more than 12,000 HIV-positive Georgia children. She always loves being with kids, and she immediately bonded with a two year-old and a ten year-old.

Usually I don’t like to talk about donations or volunteer stuff that we are doing, because I think it is good to have modesty about SOMETHING. I bring it up now because I think the times demand some attention to our neighbors. If you’re eating regularly and can pay most of your bills, you probably have something you can share-time, caring, a skill, a can of peas…it’s a good time to dig in the closet and find that coat you haven’t worn in five years and drop it off for someone who can use it.

Enough of that. I’m knitting, people.



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