Much “To Do” on My List

My “To Do” list was so long Thursday that I had to write it down and recheck everything.  Now I’ve crossed off a few items and it is feeling bearable, so I can spend a few minutes writing.  My father-in-law is leaving on a mission trip to the Gulf coast, and I searched out and packed a couple dozen kids hats and scarves that I knitted to donate.  That took a few of my big minutes.  When I left the kids’ market I had three new custom pieces to plan and execute.  One is now finished, and the yarns for the other two are chosen and I’ve knit a few rows on the hardest one.  In addition, I’m still working on the black cashmere mittens for my cousin.  My heavier, machine washable wool came from KnitPicks and I made a bit of a start on my mom’s Christmas throw.  I also completed the trimming details on the spa girls’ orders:  customelannwashwoolcapmittscustomnorocapcustomswtccapandmitt2The large top green and bottom square black buttons are handmade.  I’ve begun to find artists who have the same aesthetic as me for those kinds of details.  For instance, my favorite etsy store for the purchase of  porcelain  buttons is   My favorite for wooden buttons is  There’s nothing like customizing your designs with original details that complement your knitwork. 


My biggest project for the weekend was adding the Basic Luxury line to my store.  I put in a shop announcement, then posted about five items from the collection.  You can see them here:, including these caps:  blbluecapspiral2bllilaccapblorangecap

I’m proud to be adding quality pieces that are truly priced to give anyone with a slender wallet a taste of luxury handknitting.  Ear warmers are $9 for adults, $5 for kids; adult caps are $12.  I hope to add some scarf/neckwarmers for about $15 and some kids’ caps for $9.  I’m pleased with the designs.  They are all pieces that I would wear or be happy to give.  To me, the key is keeping yarn quality high.  I can’t let this deteriorate into a pile of acrylic cheapies.  The yarns above are all either Rowan’s Big Wool Fusion or Brown Sheep Burlyspun.  Great stuff.


I get to be Santa Claus at the knitting group’s fast-approaching secret Santa event.  I have party favors for everyone, super-inexpensive fun stuff.  If I have time, I’ll knit up a quick red and white hat. 


All afternoon the abcFamily channel has run the Harry Potter movies.  We’re on the third one.  I’ve been enjoying them while I knit.  I missed a few spots to take my pieces outside for photos, and when I made a quick blueberry pie.  If I had a bit of that talent with magic, I could continue writing this while I went on with my knitting, but I’m pretty much an earthbound muggle.  



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  1. Poor muggle! But your pieces are magical anyway. Did you get to any of the open shops yesterday at MainX24?

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