Elementary Enterprise

I think I’m learning how to say “yes” and then just do it.  Yesterday my phone rang in the afternoon.  One of my friends was at a market and realized that I should be there.  They were set up in a large local church.  The children in their church school were coming there daily to do their Christmas shopping, and they had lots of great, inexpensive gifts except none of them was for men.  Mary Kay was there, Pampered Chef was there, somebody’s educational toys had a table, a candlemaker was taking up some space…a whole room of venders with no goodies for men.  I agreed to come today and bring some Men Goodies.  (Not to be mistaken for good men–I do not have a supply of those even on the best day.)


I got off the phone and started knitting.  Nothing in my store met the requirements- Men Goodies for $10 or less, you know, suitable for an elementary schooler’s budget.  I had two bulky yarns (Lambs’ Pride Burly Spun and Big Wool Fusion) they I had bought at tremendous discounts, and in lots of colours.  I picked the “man colours” and cast on again and again, producing about eight ear warmers and three caps.  I was sizzling.  I packed my loot and went in this morning.  After a slow start, my ear warmers began to sell.  Two of the vender moms asked for special projects (a purple ear warmer, a pink hat) and I made them as I sat there.  I replenished my supply of ear warmers as fast as I could.  I took a two hour lunch break, collecting more colours of yarn and a pile of my store goods.  When I went back and spread out my “regular” merchandise, I was mobbed.  More special orders, and some direct sales.  At least a half dozen people asked me why I wasn’t there earlier in the week.  Another dozen said “You have to be here next year.” 


I was sitting between Pampered Chef and the invisible candle lady.  There were a few dozen candles of varying smells (in jars with lids, thank goodness) but no person to sell them, so I was responsible for pushing the candles and recording sales, too.  I think Pampered Chef was running circles around me in sales, and candle lady wasn’t slacking either.  It appears that the economic future of our country is in the hands of grade school kids. 


I am so happy with myself-not for the volume of sales, but for saying “yes” and doing what I could do.  I didn’t second guess my physical state and assume that I wouldn’t be up to it today, I just prepared and went.  I could have come home (like the invisible candle lady) if it wasn’t going well.  Didn’t even think about it.


No one is more fun to sell to than a first-grader.  Some of them know what they want, or at least what they don’t want.  I negotiated a sale with a young guy about an ear warmer for his grandmother.  He picked pink, which was a ball in my satchel.  I said “Ok, come back in a little while.”  I knit the pink ear warmer and he was satisfied.  A fourth-grader bought an ear warmer for grandpa, then wanted them for her mom and dad.  She only had the price of one, but I gave her a two-fer.  She was happy, and left my table saying, “Now I can go spend the $11 that’s for me.”  A 7 year-old that I knew when she was 3 came and sat with me, watching me knit and dressing my mannequin head and talking.  NBF.  Nothin’ but fun. 



3 Responses

  1. Do you have a pattern for your ear-warmers? I don’t know what those are specifically.

  2. Great Post 🙂

  3. Yahoo!
    Yes is my new motto!

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