Marketing Morning with Chemo

Wow!!  I have been busy working lately, and I love it.  My store is beginning-after two years-to feel real, like it could be a successful enterprise, instead of a hobby.  I’ve gotten sales and orders from a variety of sources all over the country and in Canada, mostly in a trickle until recently.  This is the busiest holiday season I’ve had so far, reflecting the increased awareness of Etsy as THE place to shop for handmade, artisan wares and also reflecting my greater (but still not adequate) attempts at marketing.  Marketing will definitely be my focus for the new year.  I’m going to stop being shy about putting my products in front of people and asking them to give us a try. 


So right now on the needles I have a bamboo scarf, because people are discovering that nothing is softer and silkier than the longspun versions of that fiber.  The look and feel of it attract, and the renewable nature of the plant validates the choice.  This one is Plymouth’s Royal Bamboo, knit simply in squares with some garter stitch rows interspersed, and with special fringing at the ends.  I’ve just sold one, and it was special enough to make a similar design. 


On other needles, little tiny ones, I have two strands of black Karabella Supercashmere Fine, making mittens for my cousin.  I’m writing down this one as I go, so that I won’t have to struggle reading my work from the black.  That is the hardest color to knit with-demands good light and sometimes a little squinting.  These mittens are going to be the bomb.  It will be a shame if she doesn’t buy the cabled black cashmere hat to match. 


Anyway, just a quick update as I’m on my way to get my lovely IV treatment and lounge in the chemosuite all day.  Taking some products and some knitting with me, of course. 



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