…and Then the Bed Fell

Some days I feel heavier than others.  I’m not talking about the number I see on the scales, but the impression my heft makes on the world around me.  Today I made a big impression.  My bed fell.  It went like this:  my daughter asked for some help shaping her eyebrows.  I sat down on my bed and she put her head on a pillow where I could easily reach her.  I scooted a little higher on the bed, and more to the edge, putting too much weight over the joint where the side rail hooks into the headboard.  BAM!!  We went down.  My girl and I looked at each other, stayed still for a moment, not knowing if we could make it worse by jumping up, and then we busted out laughing.  Fortunately, my son was also home.  He ran in to see what was the matter, finding us unhurt but unable to stop laughing.  After a while we composed ourselves and carried the poor bed parts to the garage.  My mattress and box spring are temporarily on the carpet.  Actually, not a bad height to operate from.  I don’t have to lift my laptop as far.


Sometimes I get angry about the prednisone and the weight, but mostly I bide my time, waiting for the low prednisone months with no flare to increase my exercise and do my best to shed some pounds.  Regardless, I look in the mirror every morning and smile at myself and think “Hey, you gorgeous woman!”


I promised photos.  I chose this wonderful Malabrigo that’s been on my shelf for ages to go with the dusky pink hat, knitting the mitts with a bit of a ruffle at the wrist.  I’ll find buttons that go with the large handmade buttons on the hat. 

endnovknits-020  The next hat and scarf had to match the rust brown cashmere mitts:  endnovknits-019  The mitts have eyelets across the middle, so I put eyelets around the top of the hat.  The band is seed stitch with an overlap that will have one large button.  I will publish this as a free pattern, probably tomorrow, as I’ve had a request from a knitting accomplice. 

This is the third set.  I had a mandate for the color, but nothing else.  I chose a basketweave pattern all over the hat and scarf, but in tiny boxes on just the edges of the mitts.  endnovknits-016endnovknits-018


I’m waiting for yarn to come in for two projects.  In the meanwhile, black Karabella Supercashmere fine (two strands at once) for my cousin’s mittens.  Yum.  Every minute with this yarn is good.  I’m twisting a cable up the side of the mittens.  Can’t resist.  Cables are so satisfying. 




2 Responses

  1. Such gorgeous, finished objects, I’m impressed yet again! I’m praying for a diminished flare month for you but the bed thing – too funny!

  2. Knitwithcats and I were talking at the laundromat and we decided that we want you to adopt us. You are very maternal and nurturing.

    Note: I am in no way insinuating that you are old enough to be my mother however. ; )

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