Post-Turkey Dancing

I haven’t written here in days.  One reason was Thanksgiving.  I did the cooking for my household (my daughter and me) and the two guests we invited.  I concentrated on the things that the four of us eat:  turkey, rice, sweet potato casserole, creamed corn, and pumpkin muffins.  Oh yeah, almost forgot the ice cream.  My daughter contributed the broccoli casserole that her grandmother made her.  That was a manageable menu for me.  My only miscalculation was the turkey.  I bought just a turkey breast, and I was going to cook it in the crockpot.  Unfortunately, I chose a breast from the turkey equivalent of Dolly Parton, and it had to go in a roasting pan in the oven.  I was kind of glad that our usual extra Thanksgiving guests had other plans, as that would have necessitated broadening the table to include dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, salad…lots more stuff than is truly necessary and enjoyable. 


I’ve also held off on blogging because I was just enjoying my daughter’s visit.  We agreed to work less and chill more.  I usually have to be prodded into a decision like that.  I’ve admitted lately that I’m a workaholic without a job.  Now that I’m feeling better, my natural inclination is to spend every day “working”.  For me, that is knitting, working my store, knitting some more, doing household chores, packing up stuff I’m cleaning out, and knitting. 


The push to knit has served a good purpose the past ten days.  I had two sets of mitts, two hats, and two scarves to knit to complete the custom orders of the beauty shop ladies, and today I finished the last of them.  I only have buttons to sew on and a bit of blocking to do before I can deliver them.  Meanwhile, I’ve received two more custom orders, and I want to knit my mother an afghan for Christmas.  It’s a good thing my health is improving!


Today a rare thing happened.  A friend listened to me talk about how much better I’m feeling.  I was describing standing up without yelling from foot pain, taking one pain pill a week instead of two per day, and having energy.  Strangely enough, more people want to hear about the bad side of chronic illness than the improvement.  There’s a sort of morbid curiosity that says “how did that rash look?  was it oozing?” and “do you have to use crutches for those leg pains?”  and “where did they put the needle?” and “just how much did you bleed?”  It’s not as easy to have an audience for improvement.  It was great to have someone hear me rejoicing.  Lately I’ve been  doing impromptu dances, feeling the way my legs and feet can move, enjoying the energy that fuels them.  When I felt the worst, I stopped forcing myself to dance with Ellen Degeneres every morning.  Now I don’t wait for the show.  A few little secret steps in the bakery today, a wild fling in front of the bathroom mirror, swaying in the grocery line…my dance is back.


All of the above changes were starting before I got my big treatment last week.  I’m due for another treatment next week.  I hope this will kill enough B cells to keep me feeling better for a good while. 


I promise, photos to come, and one pattern.  One of the hats I made this week had a knitting group member asking for it, so I’ll share with everyone.  Meanwhile, my pumpkin bread is out of the oven.



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