Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, Part II

Jimmigirl, you are absolutely right.  What good does it do to moan about the loss of Karabella’s Breeze if I don’t let them know my thoughts.  I went right to their website where I saw that only an odd colour of yellow is left on their colour card for Breeze.  I felt slightly faint when I saw it. I immediately sent them this email message: 

Dear people,
I am lamenting the discontinuation of Breeze.  I am so sad that I wrote an open letter to you in my blog.  You may see it here: .
Wouldn’t you like to reconsider your decision?  Or maybe you could just make a little for me?  I wouldn’t tell anyone.
Regretfully yours,
Essie Bruell
If any of you have your own love affairs with Breeze, please feel free to use the letter above, or to compose your own, and send an email to to let them know that we won’t take this lying down.  Come on, it worked for Obama!  Stand up for your yarn!  Knitting activists, we have nothing to lose but our yarn!  Knitters of the world, unite!  Breeze forever…!


I know that such public discussion of the discontinuation of this cashmere and silk beauty may initiate a run on the yarn.  I’ve already ordered one emergency box myself, but I hope that knitters will be as nice as our joint reputation dictates and not hog more than a dozen balls for themselves.  I can see a black market springing up just for the trading of this lovely product, and I won’t be held responsible for my actions if it gets down to the last few balls. 



One Response

  1. How could they discontinue something you NEED?! Hopefully, they’ll listen to their client base.

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