Selling Handknits

Every now and then I have a good idea.  This happened today.  I awoke with determination to get a haircut.  I was looking raggedy around the edges, as a very short hairstyle can go bad overnight.  I called my salon and since it was Tuesday they could get me in right away.  That was great.  I didn’t have a hair emergency, but it certainly could be classed as a hair urgency. 

As I prepared to leave, I put a ball of yarn and the partially knit scarf attached to it in my bag.  Then, the epiphany.  Everywhere I go, I am knitting.  That gets a lot of talk started, and even some requests for cards or my website, but it doesn’t seem to promote any buying.  People never see my completed work, only my half-finished things.  I quickly packed six or eight scarves, a baby blanket, and some nice hats in a tote bag.  It was time to augment the “tell” with some “show”. 

My stylist began to dig through my bag and immediately called over the other one who was working.  That led to attention from a customer and the aesthetician.  By the end, I had a great haircut, a relaxing pedicure, and sales and orders totaling eight or nine items.  Wow.  Because of my giganto stash, I shouldn’t have to order additional yarn to fill the custom pieces.  Face to face, we were able to talk about designs and colors and hash out the details, including agreeing on prices. 

I was so excited that I began a pair of mitts tonight.  The monochromatic multicolored yarn is wonderfully soft, and my design begins with a ruffle just below the wrist.  I’m delighted to be able to add the details that will make these unique for the owner.  Two things especially seemed to impress the young women-the fact that my products are one-of-a-kind, and the fabulous fibers.  They are tickled to see that a bit of cashmere or silk is within their reach.  So much fun for me!

Guess I’ll be carrying a bag, like a traveling saleswoman, for a while.  It’s a low stress, easy way to connect with people and show them what I can do.  Never occurred to me to do this before.  Probably too direct. 

That big treatment session that was cancelled last Wednesday is on for tomorrow, so I’ll be going in and taking my Benadryl and Tylenol and offering up my last-born vein for their needle.  Afterward, of course, I will be expecting a brand new body, complete with IQ enhancement and a pinkie that houses a Swiss Army knife. 

I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving.  I will be hosting at my house, just for a few inlaws and buddies.  Oddly enough, I have been preoccupied with finding just the right wine.  The questions of turkey versus cornish hen, mushroom stuffing versus oyster stuffing…they pale in comparison with the odds of accessing Conundrum for the dinner table.  I think I’m having wine flashbacks.  I just denied being a snob.  Oops.



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