Mosaics and Fusion

Mosaic Market happened.  It was both better and worse than I hoped.  I loved the venue:  intimate, live music all afternoon, a great collection of 14 venders, lots of time to spend with my friends.  I made four sales, not bad for a brand new place and skimpy advertising.  On the rough side, my body is tired, tired, tired.  Even at that, it worked to have one person helping me set up the night before (followed by a leisurely, pleasant dinner) and another to help me decorate and stock the booth and work with me during the day.  It was so much fun visiting with the women from my knitting group, who livened the place up immediately and were a little commercial boom all by themselves.  The day spent with my friend, who cheerfully helped me set up and then kept me company and did the bulk of the carrying afterward-that was a real treat, too.  We don’t visit near enough, and that is encouragement to make it happen more often.


I talked with the aromatherapist who had a beautiful display at the market.  She was quite knowledgeable, and urged me to apply her arnica lotion to my tender hands and wrists.  I was surprised to find that I could tell the difference in ten minutes.  That was an instant sale.  I met a young artist from Georgia who teaches art in public school and is the most talented, multi-dimensional crafter I’ve met in a long time.  She had hand-crafted jewelry, beautiful large stained-glass works, paper creations, and she’s working on her PhD while she does all this.  There are a couple of venders I can’t mention, because my daughter sometimes surprises me and reads this blog.  I met the young painter who is managing the Howard Finster church and grounds, a real powerhouse who was full of stories. 


My best moment at the Market was when I returned from the bathroom to find the large group of my knitting friends had arrived.  They were such a boost for my self-confidence and my energy.  I value them more and more.  I sent an email (granted, rather late) to a number of friends and relatives to let them know about the market, but my knitting buddies were the ones to come through.  I don’t have any regrets about the people who didn’t come; I truly enjoyed the ones who did.  I even had a reunion with another Etsy seller that I met last year.  She has beautiful glass pieces ( that I love for gifts. 


While I was sitting yesterday I worked on a tote bag made from Rowan’s Big Wool Fusion.  I love its muted shadings, and the colours are to die for.  I made a little super-simple fair isle border at the top of the bag and duplicate-stitched a turtle on the front:fusionturtletote-004fusionturtletote-002 
Today I finished the duplicate stitch and threw it in the washing machine.  fusionturtlebag004  I’ll decide about handles after my bag dries and I can play with it a little.  Love, love, love it!  By the way, the starting length was 19 or 20 inches; after felting it is about 14-15.  Pretty much what I aimed for, and with a 3.5-4 inch bottom, very roomy inside. 

Enough typing for the tired.



2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe how much you’ve gotten done!

  2. I heard from Beth that you all had a good time…I wish I could have been there too! I am still having issues from that stone…tore me up pretty good. Back to the Dr. tomorrow…blech! I miss you too…Shayne should have his computer fixed soon so i can have mine back! Can’t wait!!!

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