7 Random Facts

I was tagged by Stacie at Nomadic Creations (http://www.stacieflorer.typepad.com/) a 7 random facts demand.  Stacie makes divine jewelry, and she’s a sweetheart, so I must obey.  This is the perfect morning for random facts about myself.  My mind is on the Mosaic Market tomorrow, and I need a little creative rest.  Here goes:

1.  I do freehand cross-stitch.  I have a pile of completed ones that I should mount and display.  They’ve only been sitting around for four years.

2.  I’m a touch freak.  I can’t just admire stuff with my eyes.  When we shopped with my mom and she said “you can look but don’t touch” it was anathema.  If knitting needles don’t feel right in my hands, I won’t use them.  Sometimes I sneak and touch things.

3.  I wear bifocals.  No, not worth stressing over. 

4.  Vegetarianism is convenient because I’m terrible at cooking meat.  Ask my family.

5.  I don’t like stupid people.  I will go out of my way to avoid spending time with them.

6.  I hate it when people use euphemisms for the word “fat”.  I am fat, not plus-size, chunky, or calorically challenged.

7.  I have a crush.  Not one of those school-girl crushes on someone unattainable like a movie star or the quarterback, but on a real guy that I’ve known more than half my life.  And that’s all I want to say about that. 


And now I’m back to tagging products. 



6 Responses

  1. Re #7: 8^)

  2. Yay for crushes! 🙂

    My mom used to tell me, “look with your eyes, not with your hands.” The problem is that I DO look at stuff with my hands…..

  3. Oh pullease. You know you want to talk about your crush or you would not have mentioned it!

  4. Looks like we are indeed, kindred souls. What’s up with the whole ‘look but don’t touch thing’ – you’re right, we MUST touch!
    Are you going to post pics of your free hand cross stitch? hint, hint.

  5. calorically challenged?? loves it!! i’ve never heard that one – i might go with that over my preferred fluffy or well insulated. really, i’m also just fat but sometimes it is nice to make people uncomfortable by throwing out made-up terms for an obvious condition just to see how they will handle it. and tinkerbell is also well insulated and sitting on my right hand as i type this so please excuse any typos – they are due to her calorically challenged ass.

  6. and i want to know all about this crush on saturday (so does tinkerbell’s ass)!

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