Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety:  Anxiety linked to a particular ability or task (not just the one you’re probably thinking about).  I never had performance anxiety about my medical work.  It has been a surprise to encounter it when it comes to the sales aspect of my knitting work.  With the craft show two days away, I have started to wonder if my products are good enough, and whether they will receive any attention from the shoppers.  This fear is not based in experience; I have generally found that people are drawn to my knitting, and they linger and ask questions even if they are uninitiated and feel that they are too expensive.  Regardless, when they are lined up on hangers and table displays on Saturday, I will spend the first few minutes worrying. 


I’ve had a good chance to look over many of my products today.  So far, I’ve tagged about forty pieces.  Those are the ones that have never been to a show before.  The rest of the stuff that I will pack is tagged.  I had a pile of my daughters beautiful, hand-drawn, colorful tags.  (I showed some of them last December, here:  Still Friday « Essiewb’s Weblog.)  When I used them up, I had to make more myself.  I quickly abandoned the idea that I could imitate hers.  My first try included some red shapes that looked like someone had spilled blood on the tag.  I resorted to just writing the name of the collection (Turtlefat handknits) and the website for the store ( on them as neatly as I could.  The back of my tags always has the fiber content by percent, washing instructions, and price. 


I took a break from preparing products to make a Hobby Lobby run.  I wanted to get some simple letter stickers and a board for a sign for the booth.  They had tons of holiday supplies on display, some on sale, and it hit me that people are shopping for gifts and a little festive decoration might be in order.  I purchased a few things to bring out a holiday atmosphere in our booth, including great decorated bags for the customers. 


I’m more excited about this show than I ever was about going to the Chattanooga Market.  It is invigorating being a part of something that is just starting, and having that at the beginning of the holiday season is even better.  Despite the performance anxiety, I do enjoy the whole craft fair atmosphere.  People who make things with their hands are interesting people, often fun to visit with as we wait out a long day at the market.  They are a community that tends to be generous with one another, sharing news, discounts, errands, and selling tips.  I know that one of my crafting friends, another woman with an etsy store, will be there.  I’m hoping to see more.  On top of that, I get to spend the day with the friend who offered to help me.  I couldn’t get set up and endure the long day without her.  Her daughter and mine are best friends, and we have lots of catching up to do. 


People, I have been writing through Grey’s Anatomy and most of ER.  Tonight they brought Dr. Greene back to the ER.  Crazy dual scene, resuscitating critical children.  Damn believable.  I did extra months of emergency room training as a resident.  We could trade some of our rotations, and I traded some of the cake stuff for extra months in the ER, the intensive care unit, and the bone marrow transplant unit.  The guy  I traded with hated those areas where we were expected to think on our feet, handle the bad stuff without time for long pondering and planning.  I suppose that’s where his performance anxiety lay. 


I can write about work after I actually finish my work.  More tagging tonight, and some pleasant knitting. 



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