Going to Sell

A local craft market opens on Saturday, November 15th.  It’s downtown in an area of good foot traffic.  I’m going.  A friend has volunteered to help me.  I’m so excited!  I haven’t been to a show in about a year.  The trunk show is off for now, and I’m still in the mood to go out selling.  This is the Mosaic Market, at 412 Market Street, from 9 to 5.  A long day, but I love sitting in the 10 x 10 booth with my stuff prettily arranged, answering people’s questions and knitting.  It’s nice to have personal contact with people that are shopping your collection. 


I have plenty of finished products.  Matter of fact, I’ll only bring about half of them.  I just need to tag and pack them.  And load them in my car.  And collect the tables, display equipment, folding chairs, hanging racks, hangers, and load them up.  Oh yeah, and make signs.  My sister has accused me of procrastinating because I’m writing about preparation instead of preparing.  She is threatening to move down here and “help” me.  I told her don’t bother, ’cause Oprah is gonna help me.  Oprah started a big campaign today.  She’s gonna help Americans clean up their clutter.  I’m signing up.  I’ve been steadily de-cluttering for a year, but I haven’t done the big things, like get rid of half my books, and do away with anything that’s just collecting dust, and sell my antique examination table and the piano I am not playing. 


Yikes.  Selling the piano sounds so final.  I haven’t touched it in a year.  I don’t feel the urge.  Maybe if it wasn’t currently in an inconvenient corner, serving as a plant and book holder, I would be more likely to sit down at the keys.  I will revisit that after I’ve cleared a path.  Anyway, backing away from that thought, I did pack four boxes of books yesterday.  Guess I could pack a few more tomorrow.  After I start tagging. 




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  1. I’ve never heard of the Mosaic Market. I’ll try to get by there for a look-see and a hug. Good luck.

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