Chemo, Knits and Chores

Tomorrow is a treatment day.  I will go to the chemotherapy suite and get my IV of medicine that hopefully will push back these B cells and give me some disease-free months.  The last treatment didn’t go very well.  I seemed to have a very blunted response to it, and not long after I was back in the flare I’ve been fighting since August.  When I was a child, I was told that bad-tasting medicine worked better.  I hope that applies this time.  I have to pay the full cost of the upcoming treatments (tomorrow and in two weeks), so it will probably work better. 


On to the fun.  I have some photos.  Last week, in my Be Sweet Bamboo infatuation, I made a size 18 months baby girl’s jumper.  It’s prettier than you can see, but maybe you can appreciate the pleats and the ruffle.  besweetbamboolilacjumper 

On the other end of the spectrum, some sturdy mitts with a cuff at the top.  It provides padding for driving when turned down, and warmth for the fingertips when opened up.  I think a lot about the structure and function of garments.  Guess I’m like an engineer designing clothing, hehe.  That’s my undergraduate degree, but I never thought I’d be using some of those design skills in knitting.  karaokemitts Karaoke is South West Trading Company’s thinner 50% wool/50% soy mix.  (Gianna is the heavier with the same mix.)  These colors are very strong, with a bit bluer blue than my monitor is showing.  The inner part of the cuff (on the opposite side from the thumb, has a little tab with a buttonhole.  I haven’t sewed buttons on yet.  You can kind of see the stitch pattern of diagonal purls running across the mitts. 

I know I mentioned the lace scarf that I was knitting from my gorgeous Karabella Supercashmere Fine.  Here’s a shot of it stretched on my new blocking board.  I think I mentioned that it sold when I took it to knitting group for show and tell.  karaokemittsnov07-001 


Today I packed up books to send to the secondhand bookstore, paid a zillion bills, cleaned off a few surfaces that had grown too cluttered to be used, started some laundry, packed up some little mittens for afghans for Afghans, and took a bunch of phone calls.  That is sounding like I made myself useful today.  Oh yeah, I packed up a pile of kid hats to be a contribution, hopefully to an orphanage in Atlanta.  I think I can chill now.


Oh yeah, I forgot something.  During the summer I knitted a sleeveless purple sweater for a sample for  This weekend it came out in an promotion for one of their yarns.  I love the sweater and the way they photographed it.  You can see it right here:  Click on the photo and you’ll see details. 


Okay, can’t linger.  My NCIS team is coming on.



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  1. Hope you come through feeling OK! I wish you didn’t have to go through all of this.

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